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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Making white people run against white people.

The latest on house redistricting is coming down from "The Dean" as presented by the house Democrats.

Highlights of the proposal as presented in the Democratic Caucus include:

In four of the new House districts, eight incumbent Democrats will be facing one another if they seek re-election.

They include Reps. Tommy Brown and JoAnne Favors of Chattanooga and Reps. Mike Stewart and Sherry Jones of Nashville. The other two districts are in Shelby County and pair Reps. Antonio Parkinson and Jeannie Richardson in one while Reps. Barbara Cooper and G.A. Hardaway are paired in another.

The pairings assure that the number of black representatives in the House will be reduced by at least two, Turner noted. Brown, Favors, Cooper and Hardaway are black. He said that was a legally questionable move under federal voting rights law.

As crazy as it may sound they are really being screwed over by those same affirmative action type rulings made by the supreme court. You see, the question is, what to do with legislators that live in majority minority districts that are losing population?

The court has said minority leaning districts can not be divided so that non minority leaning status is obtained. At the same time, those same districts lost large amounts of population so they have to be combined with other districts (that are minority leaning) to make them of equal size in population as other districts across the state.

In the end it has come down to 4 minorities running against one another out of 8 democrats running against one another. To me it is a silly point. Who cares about the race of the person they are running against? Is it somehow racist when 4 people of one race run against one another but not racist 4 people of another race do the exact same thing?

If the ideas are good who cares about the race of the person running? Will minorities not elect a good white person in a minority leaning district? Will a Democrat, white leaning districts not vote for a minority if a good candidate is running? How silly would they sound if they said "Those racists are lumping two white candidates in with two other white candidates in white leaning districts. I think its a plot to get rid of white legislators!"

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  1. "Will minorities not elect a good white person in a minority leaning district?"

    They will. They elected Steve Cohen in Memphis. White as can be but liberal as they come.

    Haven't quite reached Martin's dream of judging by the content of character yet have we? In fact we've ensured that can't happen with affirmative action laws.


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