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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Oh no he didn't!!!!

Oh yes he did!!

Democrat leader Rep Mike Turner says all blacks are drug using welfare mothers with no license when talking about Republican legislation.

“ They’ve had the voter ID where they’re disenfranchising African Americans. Now they want to drug-test welfare moms. All this is race-oriented.

Why does he think it is only black people who are on drugs? On welfare? Who don't have a license? Talk about your negative stereotypes!!


  1. Rep Turner would do well to install a clutch between his mouth and his brain and then, begin to disengage it.
    I suspect if one were to draw a grid of square districts across the state there wouldn't be a Democrat Party legislator remaining.
    It is high time that Mike Turner's TN Democratic party begin to focus on issues and stop whining about the taste of their own medicine.
    If there is a minority districting issue then law requires it's adherence but if Turner believes that you can operate for years with impugnity by blowing off everyone's concerns using committee blocks, and nthen ot get it back in your face full force then he is living in a dream world.

  2. They should give you a Reality Show.


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