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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Post debate wrap

1. Santorum. Played the down home, underdog, Rudy Ruettiger angle great. I expected him to pull out a hard hat, a lunch pale and talk about mom and apple pie if the debate went much longer. He had the facts and points that really ran the debate and had a great closing. Unfortunately for him I don't think it really came across as presidential. He looked studied and all, just not quite ready. A little too underdog. Sorry, I think its back to the J.V. bench after Saturday Punky Brewster.

2. Gingrich. Great opening. Strong. You can never go wrong whacking CNN. Not quite an explosively huge night like last time but still a strong night. When he talked about big ideas and big change he came across as quite presidential to me. I about bust a gut as he contemplated if it was better saving the liberal media or letting them collapse. Oh, too dream....

3. Romney. He looked better then most of the time. Not quite as timid as usual but still on the defensive. A little dodgy. When he didn't like the question he would attack Obama instead of responding directly. Handled the Gingrich X wife question with class. Flopped on dealing with his tax records.

4. Paul. Not quite as way out, mean spirited, screechy as usual. Stuck to being anti war....On all issues....Again. As Huntzman was mister 1% I think Ron Paul is turning into mister 1 issue. I think even he realizes he can not explain a clear, positive vision for America moving forward that people relate to. More a consistant voter then a leader.

5. CNN. Come on! First question of the night is an attack against one candidate on his personal life in the form of a presidential question? When will the president vote on that? Well, they got Newkt as they deserved. The rest of the questions were good and the format was great until they tried to cut Paul out of the pro life question and got ripped by the crowd. Of course after the Santorum rebuttal I bet Paul wished they had let him go.


  1. Ron Paul is an idiot. Focusing so much on the one issue no one agrees with him on.

  2. Gingrich will benefit from the question he was asked first thing!

    Something they taught in school a long time ago, about how too much of a negative attack on a candidate can actually cause people to favor that candidate, if only out of sympathy...did you hear the crowd?!!

    His strong, yet controlled, reaction to the question caused me to think about how powerful he might be, in defending this country as President!

  3. Santorum rebuttal? Paul has a 100% prolife rating this year. http://capwiz.com/nrlc/scorecard.xc?chamber=H&state=US&session=112&x=10&y=9

    Santorum looked like he had egg on his face when Paul said he wasn't referring to him on government money for health care services.


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