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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Presidential debate rundown

Let me start by saying I missed the first few minutes so it could have all happened then and I missed it. But here is my ranking for tonight's debate.

1. Rick Santorum- sounded knowledgeable on a wide range of issues but still had the look of pain throughout. Please, really, Someone show him how to smile without looking like he just smelled a dead animal in the road.

2. Newt Gingrich- Best lines of the night but was limited for time and on topics. I loved his comments on the Obama war on religion but I think there needs to be a drinking game for the word "Fundamental".

3. Ron Paul- Looked like that cranky old man I predicted he would but looked better when talking economic policy. His false attacks are starting to be called out. He looks more like a smear machine for Romney then a person who wants to show why he is best.

4. John Huntsman- Fourth by not screwing up big and he had a few ideas. Talking Chinese looked pompous but I am sure he locked up the key block of New Hampshire Mandarin Chinese Republicans vote.

5. Mitt Romney- No screw ups but talked in fluff all night. Probably did not lose much but showed and told me nothing.

6. Perry- Saying he would go back to Iraq ended it for him. He is done and I think he knows it.

7. ABC news- Slow, terrible, goofy questions by George Steponopopolopolis. Where did that banning birth control question come from? Come on! Let it go! Diane Sawyer looked and sounded like she had 3 or 4 glasses of wine before showing up and was ready to go to sleep. Overall I thought it was a boring sleeper of a debate myself so I can't really blame her.


  1. "His false attacks are starting to be called out." Nothing false about pointing out chickenhawks, but I wish Paul would also point out that Romney is also one.

    "cranky old man" Sounds like a false attack from you, because of your support for a chickenhawk. Your man didn't serve. Don't blame Paul for being cranky because of that.

    Perry was done before tonight, but he sealed it.

  2. Being drafted as a doctor is not like he ran out and signed up for front line duty. For him to deminish others because they did not sign up....Well....

  3. I love this "rundown", truth, and very funny!! love it!! :)

  4. Too funny! Your comments about Diane Sawyer and George Steponon... Also, who ever heard of making a law to ban birth control? Where did that come from? Was he just taking a jab at Catholics?

    Saw you on TV with Senator Becky Duncan Massey, speaking to the League of Women Voters! Looking good! So very proud of each of you!

    As you pack your bag to go to Nashville, please know that the thoughts and prayers of many, back here in Knoxville, go with you. We pray for your wisdom and courage in the Senate, as well as for good weather and safety on the highways! Be careful, Senator...

  5. For him to deminish others because they did not sign up....Well....

    Paul isn't diminishing others for not signing up but for getting deferments. Newt and Romney both got deferments.


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