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Monday, January 23, 2012

Quote of the day.

"If Gingrich wins Florida, the Republican Establishment is going to have a meltdown that makes Three Mile Island look like a marshmallow roast."

John Heilemann


  1. Looks like Newt will win in Florid, too.
    He has a 9-point lead in the polls as of this morning, and only registered Republicans can vote in the primary, giving Romney the mother of all uphill battles to fight.

  2. What do you think about the overall effect of the RNC (Romney Nominating Committee) stealing half the delegates in the early state primaries? What candidates does this hurt the most?

    I say the ones with less money, because they have to fund their campaign longer to stay in and survive to the meaningful (100% of the delegates available) primaries. What about the temporary surge from a good showing early? Then you throw in some "surprises" in the early ones to discount them even more - get a few dead people to "vote", etc., to diminish the early primary significance.

    Who benefits the most in this scenario (besides Barry Sotero)?

  3. A big overstatement.

  4. Getting my marshmallow ready...

  5. What does that mean - they will have a meltdown?


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