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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calling Dr Wang. Dr. Ming Wang.....

As I am sure many people know, legislators go to a lot of receptions at night. The last of the 3 events I stopped at tonight was for the College Republicans. By the time I got to their event they were out of clean name tags. The girl at the reception table said I was welcome to take one of the pre made, but untaken, other tags and write my name on that over the old name.

Instead, I just picked up one of the name tags and slapped it on my jacket and went into the reception.

Dr. Ming Wang. AKA Senator Stacey Campfield.

I thought it was a little funny until a real doctor came up and actually thought I was the real Dr. Ming Wang.... Then I thought it was hilarious! I could only take a few minutes of him seriously going on and on about the groundbreaking work I did in the field of laser eye surgery. How I was a visionary, how he loved the things he read about me in the medical journals. How impressive it was that I scored perfect on the MCAT medical exams.

I told him how kind he was but I was just used to winging it and I guessed at about half the questions.

His eyes got huge for a second and he looked horrified but I could not hold back the laughter any longer.

No. I am not really Dr. Ming Wang....But I did stay at a The Comfort Inn last night.

HeHe :-0

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