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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Debate rundown

Again I was working late at the office so I missed the first few minutes but here it goes.

Newt. He looked stately, wise and sharp. He seemed limited in time or possibly it was just he did more concise responses but no slips and solid throughout. Good on education, abortion and attacking on Romney earmarks. Looked bad sitting down and leaning back.

Romney. good answers. Took some hits on earmarks and Romney care but slick elsewhere and attacking Santorum. Terrible cocky closing.

Santorum. Good finish but got bogged down on the minutia of Washington earmarks and Washington politics. It may have been justified but it was the wrong issues to argue on and too complex for Joe six pack. Bobbie Fisher didn't talk about the pawn push offence of chess. He spoke about beating the Russians and why he was the best....And then he went crazy.

Paul. Can we just get a recording of Paul's 2 points and just put them on a loop somewhere? It is just getting silly. Spending on the war. Yes. We get it.

Questions were tired and let candidates run off the track.


  1. Two more weeks and Newt can quit, the GOP can finally stop their lying and obfuscation in Maine, Iowa, Nevada, etc. and the RNC (Romney Nominating Committee) can declare victory.


  2. Ron said he's tried the moral argument and the constitutional argument, and no one seems interested, but they will eventually be forced to deal with the economic ramifications of our undeclared wars. Economic pain is the only thing Americans really respond to. For example, just look at how the TN Republicans sold out public education to the federal government common core state standards - all for one shot of money.

    The undeclared wars aren't hurting enough yet. But they will.

  3. John Stewart destroys your analysis.


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