Friday, February 03, 2012

I had a feeling

The worlds largest abortion provider (Planned Parenthood) has filed lawsuit for not winning the grant the state gives away from the money it gets from the federal government.

This mess all started and became a problem again because language was mysteriously put in the budget last year nullifying language I had put in the budget that would have had all the title X funds the state receives be used by government health care clinics.

When my wording was nullified, it allowed the money to go back out for bid to outside providers. This year Planned Parenthood lost that bid. Now they are suing because of that loss. Had the money been kept "in house" it would not have been an issue as nothing requires the state to give funds to outside providers.

In other pro life news, Susan G. Komen has also pulled their funding from the abortion provider as well. This is great news as so often there are charity events for Susan G. that I would like to attend or support but I had always refused because of their funding for Planned Parenthood.


  1. Check again, Komen appears to have reversed and are still funding PP.

  2. It appears that Susan G. Komen has rethought their position, in light of the fact that their ill-considered decision resulted in tremendous negative publicity that has likely caused permanent harm to the charity.

    In 2008, Planned Parenthood performed over 1.8 million cancer screening and prevention treatments - including screenings for breast cancer. One would think that a charity like Susan G. Komen would be able to sympathize with such efforts.

    That said, the charity has reversed their position. Consider learning from the mistakes of others.


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