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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mom is that you?

Let me start by saying I have been getting a hand full of calls this last week from around the nation. Some good. Some bad. We appreciate the good ones (Mostly from Tennessee) and listen to the bad ones (they mostly seem to come from California and New York) when they are reasonable.

Unfortunately, most of the bad calls sound like the callers are coming unglued. They get deleted at the first curse word. Usually, they only make it about 5 words in to their rant that all seem to go some version of "You are a homophobic #$%^%..." And then my guys just hang up the phone or delete the message.

For some reason this one they played all the way through. In fact my staff listened to it again. Several times. Their laughter caught my attention and I heard it. I thought it was hilarious. They called in their friends and played it for them. I think half the capitol has heard it by now. Who ever this (Man/Woman you decide) is has missed their true calling. I couldn't rant like that if I wanted to. It is one of those things that is so bad it is good. I wish I knew who sent it because I would almost want to call them up, shake their hand and let them know how much fun we have had with it.

Where most hate callers paint their rhetoric in crayon, this person is truly the Davinci of diss. For a second there I thought they were going to start cussing in tongues.

You are forewarned there is some harsh language (they tell me how they want me to go on a permanent vacation some place warm... But lets just say it is not Jamaica). If you want to hear it, and you will have to cut and paste this.


It is limited to 2 and a half minutes because that is the limit for my answering machine so I probably missed the big finish where they ask where they can send a donation to my campaign. Who knows.


  1. Davinchi? Are you serious?

  2. Wow. all I can say is wow. I have never heard such a devout Christian say so many nasty things and then refer to how they are going to pray for someone. God chooses who is saved and who goes to heaven, not mere mortals. Who is good, bad or crazy- well I can say that the colorful person- whomever you are- should seek professional help. I will be glad to offer my services for mental health counseling to help with your delusions. I must say you are entertaining and truly drawing attention to what you are rallying against.
    I am also very impressed with your list of descriptors. How many nice words do you know how to use?
    I will pray for you.


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