Thursday, February 09, 2012

The no camping rule

In the senate yesterday we passed out of the judiciary committee the "No camping" rule for state property. It is a move to say you don't have a right to throw up a camp site on state property without permission. It is a move to clean up the occupy/homeless tent city that has taken over the peoples legislative plaza.

It was an interesting forum that let all sides be heard. My top concern was the fear that it might allow at some point in the future limiting of protesters for any reason. I was assured it would not. It would only limit camping. I was also assured it would not stop someone from setting up a tent if permission was granted. In the end it passed with all but Morrarro voting in favor of the move and Ford passing on it.


  1. Does it apply to the Supreme Court? They occupy a building across the street to which they have no Constitutional right to use.

  2. Will camping on state property be like the charter schools that are allowed to exist only with permission of the public school monopoly they would compete against? I.e., they don't exist (except of course for Frist and Woodson's insider trading deal with K12 Inc.).

  3. Excellent point Tony.

  4. We are glad to hear that you support protests, although We should've known. Your concerns speak volumes to your ever so great kindness and willingness to treat all with fairness and justice.

    We know that you will not let sentiments like these get to your head. Continue in your political prowess.


  5. OWS giving protester a bad name trash left unreported crime rapes bunch of morons for the most part !

  6. OWS giving prosting a bad name care little for there surroundings trash, crime , morons for the most part !

  7. Hello The Sen,

    Tennesseans not just Nashville citizens (well America's) rights are slowly being chipped away.

    Too many responses that I have seen about OWS in general not just Occupy Nashville; people are just so appalled at a few tents that they are ready to forgo their own freedoms just to see the tents disappear.

    But the true sad reality of these bills, it isn't because of camping as Representative Faison stated last night at our General Assembly, "From California to Maine they are sick and tired of you being up in their faces."

    Not only are there these Anti-Occupy bills there's also another to be debated on this week an Anti-Union bill, which will make it illegal for mass pickets in certain areas. How much you wanna bet that the Legislative Plaza will be on that list of illegal places to picket.

    This is a direct unconstitutional attack at our 1st Amendment. No where in the 1st Amendment does it say that the Government can regulate the time, manner, or place that citizens may redress their Government. And it certainly does not mandate a group to have a permit.

    You lawmakers just don't like the message being relayed cause you know its true. Occupy has changed the conversation in this country. If you think its all gonna stop and go away cause you take our tents (which is protected by the 1st Amend. and upheld by the US Supreme Court. as a symbolic form of expression of speech). You are in for a rude awakening

    Complacent American's are just too eager to ignore the realities in this country and world so they can continue to live in their lil fairytale worlds of all is fair and wonderful.

    Just keep in mind your willingness to let go of your 1st Amendment and this years legislative session attacks your 2nd Amendment! You wont be so appalled to bring yourselves to the plaza and set your own tent up to defend your right to bear arms oh wait, it'll be illegal to do that then.

    Turn off the tv and tune into the revolution... American Spring!

  8. Occupy Macon,

    Occupy is nothing more than the tired old anti-war movement attempting to be the counter-Tea-party.

    Their behavior v the behavior one sees with the Tea-party people makes it VERY clear what the difference is.

    Ohhh and Macon, if the American Spring you so desperately want is similar to the Arab Spring, I suggest you avail yourself of psychological counseling ASAP!


  9. Dear Occupy Macon, I too value our constitutional rights, especially the freedom of speech! How incredible that we are actually free to assemble and directly confront our leaders and be heard! Our forefathers fought and died defending these freedoms!

    However, I do not understand why you feel that you should have a right to set up camp on the grounds of the State Capitol! We hear reports of filthy conditions, drugs, people using the restroom on the grounds, sexual acts out in public, and drugs. Reports that this group is attracting street peple and crime makes it all the more unacceptable for people to set up camp there! It is causing this area to be very dangerous!

    Why don't you camp, if you cannot afford to stay in a hotel, in some public campground and visit the grounds of the capitol during the daylight hours and go back to your camp at night?

    Many people, including groups of young people and people from other states and other countries, visit our State Capitol, and they should not see any of this going on there! That place should be a place of beauty, dignity, and honor, representing the entire State of Tennessee!

    You already have more freedoms, living in this country, than you probably deserve! You need to make a positive contribution to our state and our country, rather than constantly insisting on more rights! You need to learn to be thankful for what you have!

    The economy is picking up big-time now - why don't you go out and get a job like the rest of us! We are just sick and tired of you! Please go home!


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