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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Proven right

I was on WTVF (News Channel 5) this morning talking about AIDS and AIDS transmission with the host and A gentleman from "Nashville Cares" a group that specializes in STDs/AIDS transmission.

I don't think it would be a stretch to say this gentleman was pro homosexual agenda but to his credit, as I spoke and stated my facts on AIDS transmission, he completely agreed with my numbers, proof and assertions of facts. I will try to get the video up later (They told me they only record the first half hour) but it will re air at 3PM today.

In that regard I give him credit. Some of the other pro homosexual agenda "Facts" on AIDS transmission his group have advocated to Nashville school children I disagree with vehemently. Mainly that the cause of AIDS was low self esteem.

This is just one slide they use to teach sex ed in schools.


  1. Campfield supporterFebruary 2, 2012 at 2:43 PM

    Somehow the whole issue of whether you're right or wrong on your statistics has gotten lost in the media frenzy. It has turned into something like a witch hunt. The media needs to go bezerk on Louise L. Hay for writing that the probable cause of AIDS is "Denial of self. Sexual Guilt. A strong belief in not being "good enough".".

  2. So what about women having sex with women? Hey, there's no penis or IV drugs involved there at all, so where does it come from since lesbian women don't engage with those darn risky people like "men who sleep with men, men who sleep with men and women, and IV drug users?"

    Just because he agreed with your statistics doesn't mean you're right in screaming that this is a gay disease. HIV is NOT just a gay disease. Straight people get this disease. This disease can be spread when people don't care enough about themselves or the ones they love to BE HONEST, BE TESTED, and BE TRULY MONOGAMOUS.

    That means... GAY people can say they have monogamous relationships. STRAIGHT people can say they have monogamous relationships. They can be TOTALLY HONEST. And they can be TOTALLY LYING. So, I beg of you, what is a straight man to do when he comes back from the doctor to find out he has HIV and he hasn't slept with any men or done any IV drugs? How did he get it then? What if he is in a long-term monogamous relationship with one woman? Even married to her? Yikes.

    The point is, people can lie about being monogamous. Sad, but true, and it happens. This is how disease is spread. Not everyone who has HIV is GAY and has gone out to have unprotected anonymous sex with men they just met or shoot up IV drugs with a used needle. Not ALL GAY people engage in behaviors of casual and unprotected sex, drug use, etc.

    As far as the comment on the slide... I totally believe that HIV is proliferated due to "denial of self and sexual guilt." It does not CAUSE HIV. A virus CAUSES HIV. People who are too ashamed of who they are and have a lot of guilt over the sexual feelings they have ENGAGE in more risky sexual behavior (i.e. ANY sexual orientation engaging in unprotected sex).

    Also, I am one of your District 7 constituents. Instead of replying to my email that was not completely related to your comments on HIV, you sent me a rambling chunk of wild outdated (except CDC) resources. I don't appreciate that you didn't bother to read or reply to anything I sent, and I will keep that in mind that you don't REALLY care what your constituents have to say. Please DO BETTER and STOP going on these interview shows just to rekindle the flames. Let it go. You've stated time and time again that you are not a "GAY AIDS" expert....so stop trying to be one.

  3. Speaking as an educator, those slides are not factual. They simply promote a type of mentality that CAN lead to low self-esteem. If children do not learn to have enough control to deny themselves, they will never mature. Immature people tend to make many bad choices.

    WHY are we not teaching self-discipline and responsibility? Why not teach the logical consequences of our choices? WE need to encourage the process of self denial when appropriate to help them mature. The result is a much happier person with good self-esteem and a wonderful sense of positive control.


  4. Just what is this "homosexual agenda" of which you speak? Is there an official written copy that I can read?

  5. The "homosexual agenda" is the same agenda that everyone else has... to not be treated like a second class citizen. The senator here needs an enemy to rally people against, though, so it's obvious which side of the issue he stands on.

    Let's try putting that slide into context. It seems to be a psychological exercise, possibly something meant for counselors or students taking a class dealing with mental health issues. Notice where it says "NEW THOUGHT PATTERN" as a solution to the issue at hand, which is likely depression or self-esteem issues. AIDS is merely the catalyst for the patient or client's issues. It's NOT saying that these issues caused the person to have AIDS. Indeed, if you look up Louise Hay's website, you will see that she is a counselor and motivational speaker who has worked with AIDS patients.

    But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of a good, ole fashioned witch hunt...


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