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Friday, February 03, 2012

UMMMM, about that little e mail list.

Well as you may know I was featured on a couple of national TV shows, CNN, MSNBC etc. Yea, I got a few calls. A few e mails from both sides but let me just say one call blew them all away.

This one caller (Who I did not even talk to) called and was telling my staff how he was a big fan of what I was doing. How he thought my bill on sex ed for young children was great but needed a better name (He suggested "The classroom protection act") and he went on about how he wanted me to be the vice presidential candidate.

Ah well. That's was all very kind of him to say. I get that kind of sentiment some times but I try to not let it go to my head. My staff thanked him and I did like the name.

Anyway, the caller went on saying he had a huge e mail list and was going to send it out to all his friends and let them know what he thought so I better be ready for some calls and e mails.

Heh, well I mean come on. We thought how big can his e mail list be? 50? 100 people? How many of them would bother to call or send an e mail off of that? 5? 10 at best? No big deal we thought.

Well it went out yesterday at about 3PM. At about 3:05 the calls started to flood in. WAAAAAAAY faster then my people could handle them. At the end of the day they just had to just walk out of the office with the phone still ringing non stop.

This morning when my people came in to the office they said the voice mailbox was overloaded and refused to take more messages. I checked my legislative e mail list and I have blown past 2000 unique e mails in support of my legislation and it is still growing.

Ummmm, yea, about that little e mail list. I guess it was on the plus side of 200,000 and the guy is some sort of pretty big player in the conservative movement. If I can ever sift through all the e mails I will try to send him one of thanks and try to get on his list. Till then if you sent me something it could be a while before I get to read and respond to it. The same for blog comments that are in the mix as well waiting for moderation. I will take them one by one but I have a lot of thank you e mails to read and send out.


  1. So you're saying there are millions of Neanderthals out there with email access. Yeah, we knew that.

    1. yes but we weren't counting the liberals.

  2. Well this is good to hear. We are very pleased to know that you do not let sentiments like these get to your head. It is refreshing to know that there is atleast one honest man in Tennessee politics. With all of your wonderful and many supporters, continue with your humble, respectful and magnanimous demeanor.
    But We are sure you don't need to be reminded.



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