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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"We are doing it now, but it isn't happening."

The Tennessean has done an article on the classroom protection act saying it isn't needed. Although I have offered several examples of where it is and has happened in Tennessee they say it is not happening.

They then go on to say how the Nashville school system is having outside, Gay and Lesbian groups come in to train teachers on how to teach about homosexuality to young children.....

The bill also could affect training that dozens of Metro school staffers have taken part in since the start of the school year. Just Monday, about 100 staffers sat through training about sexual orientation and gender identity.
The session, part of a new training program the district put in place for counselors and social workers, was hosted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Adults were asked questions about their own knowledge and feelings about sexual orientation and were given recommendations for how to answer student questions. They also were given stickers and posters declaring “safe spaces” in schools.
Much of what they’ve learned could go by the wayside if the legislation passes, said Bagwell and GLSEN spokesman Brad Palmertree.
“I think we would be limited in our resources,” Bagwell said. “We would have to think differently about how we support those students.”
GLSEN provided a copy of its 48-page “Safe Space Kit,” which recommends that school staffers “ask questions that demonstrate understanding, acceptance and compassion” when a student discloses sexual orientation to them.
It also recommends that they offer referrals to other counselors, hotlines and youth groups.
In response to derogatory language and name-calling, the guide recommends addressing the situation immediately and trying to turn conflicts into lessons.
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Bagwell said such training has inched toward becoming standard ....

....High school counselors have called on Sheffer for advice about bathroom policies for transgender students and the formation of diversity-minded student groups.
“Young people want to talk about it,” she said. “They have questions. They want to process it.”
Clubs' fate unclearSome educators wonder what will happen to student clubs such as Gay Straight Alliances.
In particular, Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet in Nashville enrolls students from seventh through 12th grades. The Gay Straight Alliance there includes about 15 seventh- and eighth-graders of the 45 who regularly attend, said faculty adviser Rita GoForth.
She said new rules could ban the younger students, since meetings often include sexuality discussions and guest speakers.
“We pretty much support kids to be whatever they are,” GoForth said. “We support kids to ask the questions about sexuality.”
At the elementary school level, GLSEN’s national office recently distributed a new curriculum about family and gender diversity. That too, Palmertree said, could become inaccessible.

And as for being contacted for information on this legislation, the reported says calls to the sponsors went unanswered. I had my publicly listed cell phone with me all weekend and at no time did I miss a call or leave a call unresponded to. If someone wants to do a one sided article that is fine but don't say the other side was not available for comment.


  1. There are so many of us standing with you today, Senator Campfield, praying for the success of your classroom protection bill, as it goes before the House Education Committee.

    Schools need to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic and to teach those things well.

    You are in our thoughts and in our prayers!

  2. School is not just about teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, "anonymous." School also teaches character, esteem, and self-worth.

    Mr. Campfield's agenda has no place in the school, and neither does "anonymous's" lack of intellect.

    I look forward to not seeing this comment being published; censorship does not negate fact.

    1. Justin, I want to ask you, how do you think children will develop "character, esteem, and self-worth" if they are taught about things which are wrong in a way which causes them to think they are right?

      If children are taught about homosexuality in school, they will think it is okay, when it is not. All throughout the Bible, it says that, not being gay in itself, but that living the homosexual lifestyle is a very serious sin, causing one to lose their salvation.

      I am praying for you to accept the love and the wisdom of Christ, who loves you so much that he died on the cross so that all of us could be saved from our sins and come to have eternal life with Him.

      Can't you just say a quiet little prayer, asking God, if He really is God, and if He really is there, to show you the truth? He loves you and so do I!

      Your friend, Anonymous

  3. If a student is taught about something in school, that makes them think it is okay.

    Like the way the Supreme Court made abortion legal makes people, especially young people, think abortion is okay. But it is not okay - it is the murder of an unborn child!

    If they teach gay in schools, won't that cause young people to mistakenly think gay is morally right, when it is not?

    Many of us, who feel it is our duty to stand behind the young people in this country, do not want them taught about gay as if it is okay...the Bible says it is very serious sin!

  4. Well, Anonymous, it is like this. Our state really doesn't believe in our constitution. Article 1 Section 3 says in part:"that no human authority can, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience"

    So, if you deem it better to obey God (thou shalt not kill) rather than man (it's just a blob of inconvenience), your right of conscience is interfered with by the state every time they collect sales tax from you to prop up Planned Parenthood and continue Margaret Sanger's Negro Project. Or, when they spend 45% of the tax revenue on public education which may teach things contrary to your religious beliefs. If, as another portion of Section 3 says: "That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience; that no man can of right be compelled to attend, erect, or support any place of worship, or to maintain any minister against his consent;" why then should we be forced to support (at the threat of losing your real property via tax lien) the "minister" that teaches contrary to the dictates of our own conscience and in direct opposition to our God?


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