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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CH 10 interview


  1. This was great, Senator, but not quite as exciting as seeing you go head on with Hedy Weinberg during today's meeting of the Education Committee over in Nashville!

    I was reminded of how we Christians are engaged in spiritual warfare throughout life. Your strong and brave spirit, in the face of evil, was what impressed me most. You are truly fearless! So many of us believe in you and in your ability to achieve great things for the state of Tennessee!

  2. I'm a gay Christian too. Campfield is anything but 'fearless'. But you're close by including the word 'fear'.

    1. Neither Senator Campfield nor I are gay. However, each of us supports Biblical teaching that, not being gay in itself, but living the gay lifestyle is gravely sinful.

      If you have a Bible, and if you will take time to read it, you will find the truth there. Gay Christians, just like straight Christians, are called to live the celibate lifestyle, where there is no sin. We are called to channel our energies into our work and into doing good for others.

      The fact that Senator Campfield cares enough about you and about others to tell you this, without fear, makes him a giant in the eyes of the people of Tennessee. He is truly fearless!

      I pray that you will trust the truth that he and I are trying to tell you. We mean you no harm... Please know of my prayers that you will come to trust in the Lord.

  3. Let me get this straight. According to the "news" here, Stacey "took 2nd in the amount of delegates" too?

    Well, I guess if the TNGOP can totally fabricate them for Santorum, might as well make a few more for Stacey.

    1. Yes, it is surprisingly wonderful that so many people in the State of Tennessee voted for Stacey on this! There is no reason to think these figures are not true.

      Mr. Holcombe, why are you always writing something sarcastic and unkind on Senator Campfield's website? If you side with the democrats, why don't you go to one of their blogs and devote your energies to their efforts. Your hateful views are not needed here!

      I am just so sick and tired of your sarcasm and outright nastiness directed towards Mr. Campfield. Half the time, you use such twisted wording that I cannot even understand what you are saying.

      As they say, don't go away mad, but just please go away!

    2. Mr./Ms. anonymous, if you don't understand what Eric Holcombe is saying, you should study these issues more closely. Thinking that Mr. Holcombe sides with the Democrats shows you have not made much effort to understand what Mr. Holcombe is talking about.

      Eric Holcombe and I have both donated to Stacey. How much have you given to Stacey financially? Or do you just pretend to support Stacey morally with anonymous post?

    3. Tona, thanks for your reply. I too have donated to Stacey. And, when I give him moral support, I am not pretending - my support for him is genuine.

      Where may I find words of support for Stacey from you and Mr. Holcombe? Am I to somehow be able to dig it out of all the sarcasm and negativity which each of you posts here? Do you really think that helps Stacey?

      I just question Mr. Holcombe when he says things, as he has a few lines up, which indicate he thinks Stacey didn't really win all those thousands of votes as a delegate. He suggests that the TNGOP has fabricated or made up the numbers of votes that Stacey got. How can this be interpreted in any way other than his being hostile and insulting to Stacey? How can this be interpreted as supporting him?

      If you truly believe in Senator Campfield and wish to support him, you will do so with kind and sincere words, and not with your and Mr. Holcombe's frequent attempts to sound caddy and sarcastic.

      I think Stacey discerns who truly supports him from those who just pretend to support him. I think he knows which ones of us truly help him and which ones are just wasting his time.

      Nice to hear from you, Tona. I wonder, do you frequently pray for Senator Campfield, as I do?

      I think it is good that his supporters converse and challenge each other. However, all of our efforts should be to build Senator Campfield up, and if we do not know how to do that, then we have no business being on his blog. Not you, Mr. Holcombe, or myself.

    4. "Anonymous",

      If you will watch the video, Becker says Stacey "took second in the amount of delegates you received in the primary" (as I quoted in the first comment).

      Stacey cannot acquire, take or be awarded "delegates". Stacey IS A DELEGATE. Becker misspoke, or doesn't understand the primary election, as apparently is also the case for many Republican voters. Santorum had no delegates on the ballot, as I'm sure you noticed. I'm not questioning the number of votes (except that there were obviously ZERO votes for Santorum delegates). Stacey reportedly received 2nd most VOTES of all the at-large DELEGATES. By the way these were all votes for Gingrich as that is who he declared himself committed to before the election began. Santorum on the other hand received ZERO votes for his delegates because no one in the entire state found him worthy enough to submit a delegate petition. He had ZERO committed delegates on the ballot.

      So now, the TNGOP along with Santorum will take those delegates who acquired the most votes (including Stacey for Gingrich) and throw a bunch of them away and create some new delegates for Santorum (and who knows who those people are). So if you are a Gingrich or Romney supporter, you got robbed by the TNGOP, because that's their rules. Being on the ballot is not necessary. They will just throw out all those votes Stacey received and give a bunch to some Santorum delegate (yet to be identified). This is especially foolish of the TNGOP with TN's open primary (because the R and D primary elections are publicly funded) because many Democrats (who still love Obama for some reason) voted for Santorum. They would rather run against him than Obamney (but that is exactly what the RNC will ensure). So how do you as a Republican feel about supporting any delegate with your time/money/effort next election, knowing that the state GOP can pull the rug out from under you and negate the votes? I think they need to change their rules. I'm making a joke based on Becker's comment that they might as well fabricate some for Stacey since they are doing it for Santorum. Stacey for President!

      What Tona said is true. I don't hide behind my keyboard. I use my real name. You can look up my votes or whom I have donated to. You might find we are much closer than you think.

      Not all Republicans are the same because they have an R behind their name. Not all Democrats are the same. The Big Two party box is a false dilemma. If you try to fit me in it, you will certainly find my words "twisted" as you say. Voting for a political party is folly. You have to support individuals, not political parties. They are labor unions for politicians that only exist to serve themselves. But, the individuals are not always going to be right (including me). Stacey takes a lot of licks from both sides. Some of ours are voiced here for other Republicans - not like Stacey. Rarely, we disagree with him (endorsing, campaigning for Gingrich is one of them, then switching mid-election is another), but he posts the good and the bad and that is what is great about him.

      Stacey has rules for comments which begin with "It is my blog so I will put up or take down what ever I want... He has the power of the button.

      Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good.

      He keeps me alive to serve this ship.

      Row well and live.


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