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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Did the Christmas tree get out safely?

Before someone says it, let me say it for you. "Is this what you meant when you said you wanted to "reduce unneeded expensive regulation on businesses" when you were running for office?"

The silly bill of the week has to be one we passed today for sheds. You know, the things you put your lawn mower, bicycles and various other items of junk from your house in.
It seems some guy was putting an electric light in his little wooden sheds he sold so a new law had to be made to cover it. Now, not only is an electrical inspection required but a smoke detector must be installed in the shed as well.

That has to be the most ridiculous law we have passed this year. I mean really who are we protecting from smoke? People don't live in little 10x10 wood sheds. They put yard rakes, garbage cans and Christmas tree ornaments in them. Are we now down to protecting the rakes, shovels and lawn mowers so they are woken up and can bounce and roll out to safety in case of a midnight fire? I mean that is the only thing that is in there to hear it go off. Lets just say by chance a fire did suddenly break out as someone was putting away the hedge clippers. Are they not going to see the billowing plumes of smoke and flame in a 10x10 space?

All I can think of is a variation of the age old "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it really make a sound?" quote.

"If a smoke detector goes off in a shed and no one is ever in there to hear it is it really needed?"

Whats next? Sprinkler systems? Second exits?


  1. "This is blasphemy. This is madness!"
    "Madness? This. Is. TENNESSEE!"

  2. I don't like it when the government tries to impose too many rules and restrictions on us, because it makes me feel like they are taking away some of our freedoms!!!

    Besides, seriously, how many people do you really think will rush right out and buy a smoke detector for their shed and get an electrical inspection for it?

    Legislators who don't have really good ideas, which will benefit the people of Tennessee, need to just keep quiet until something substantial is needed in the laws. When they come up with something like this, it seems to lessen the dignity of their office.

  3. Well, I hate to say it, but since the Republican majorities led by Philip Johnson (home inspector) passed that forced local honme inspector bill last year that gave these new "contractors" the "same power and authority as a deputy fire marshal" when the fire marshal previously had no jurisdiction on one and two family dwellings, now they can just flash their badge and come inspect your out buildings and cite you to install whatever they want as the "authority having jurisdiction".

    What were you all thinking then? Smaller, limited government?

  4. I spoke and voted against that.

  5. Sorry man, guilt by association, plus the rest are too chicken to own up to it let alone put this on a blog. I sent the same info I sent you to Frank Nicely and when asked about this equivalent deputy fire marshal situation later by a friend, he said "hey you guys should let me know about that kind of stuff". Man, can't you just read the bill and see the unintended consequences? Or since it is coming from Team "R" it gets a free pass?

    Welcome to hell. Team "R" helped pave the way with good intentions. Just wait till you get some corrupt "home inspector" whose brother-in-law installs HVAC units and he finds your unit doesn't meet current "efficiency" requirements and writes you up for about $10k for that unit his brother-in-law is going to install to help you save the earth. That is the role of the fire marshal isn't it - energy efficiency? I mean that whole protect life and property stuff is so old fashioned.


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