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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fight off, Fight on.

Republican state Rep Scotty Campbell has decided to not seek re election to the state house of Representatives and instead will seek to pursue educational goals. The former staffer for Kent Williams who won a tough 7 way primary to get in to office two years ago was looking at a stiff re match with the former runner up Timothy Hill, brother of State Rep Mathew Hill and son of Kennith Hill the chairman of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

Hill had cleared the field this time, raised an $18,000.00 war chest, filed his qualifying petition and was ready to go to battle. It was looking to be one of the biggest primary battles in the state.

Now it looks like Hill may only have to prep for battle with his brother on the state house floor. The district includes Sullivan,Johnson and Carter County, with Carter county being added in redistricting.

Timothy Hill is a small business owner of Right way marketing in Blountville. A company that specializes in advertising and research.


  1. Seek to pursue, learn English. It should seek or pursue; not both.

  2. If you had not applied for admission to a school of higher ed you could seek to do that so you could pursue an educational goal. You are not necessarily pursuing the goal as part of the application process. You could apply for a host of other reasons.


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