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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fightin with the ACLU about after school prayer

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  1. When NEA-Andy quits, can he please take Bob Cooper with him so he can be advised when to breathe, think, wipe his rear, etc.?

    The attorney general (who is not elected) does not rule over our elected representation nor over the people.

    These are the same smart guys that can't seem to understand the phrase "elected by the qualified voters of the state" doesn't mean "hand picked by special interest trial lawyers".

    1. More of your foul-mouth bashing of our leaders of great integrity.

      Go away, Mr. Holcombe.

      Your kind of negativity is not welcome here.

      You need to find you a church and get yourself some friends, so you won't be so miserable and spend so much time trying to make other people miserable!


  2. Are you the same "anonymous" that accused me of being a Dem supporter?

    NEA-Andy (D) took (more) money from the NEA/TEA and their six paid lobbyists even though he wasn't in an election this last cycle. This money comes from public school teacher union dues. What should a leader "of great integrity" that is now quitting his Senate seat do with that money?

    See NEA-Andy is in a pickle in this video. Must support union labor and also vote to help ACLU persecute Christianity. He has to carry water for the teachers because he has been paid to do so. As an attorney, he is accustomed to being paid to argue a position. Whether he believes in that position is irrelevant. That is what he is paid to portend he believes. However, as a loyal Democrat, he is also required to suck up to the ACLU and pretend their frivolous lawsuits have merit and the legislature should operate in fear of the ACLU rather than measure their work by their oath to uphold the state constitution. He can't play both sides here and therefore takes the coward's route (as WAY too many legislators on both sides do) and in vain hopes that AG Bob Cooper has rendered an "opinion" so NEA-Andy doesn't have to reveal his position and can defer to the all-knowing, yet unelected one - the attorney general. I'm not sure how a "leader of great integrity" decides this one...by who donated the most? We are sure it isn't reliance on the constitution - just as he and Bob demonstrated when it came to stealing Tennesseans right to elect judges according to our constitution and instead selection of them by special interest trial lawyers (along with other non-Dem attorneys, such as Woodson(R), Norris (R), Overbey (R), McCord (R)).

    Kudos to Senator Summerville for standing up on his hind legs and reasoning it sufficient to himself. This one is so obvious.


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