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Saturday, March 24, 2012

HOT RUMOR!!!!!!!!

I was talking with a good friend of mine from capitol hill and he turned me on to the HOT RUMOR floating around in Nashville.

As many of you know John J Hooker has long loved the Tennessee state constitution. He has worked diligently to hold us to the words Judges shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state. With that in mind he is very dissatisfied with the inaction of the house leadership to fix the unconstitutional judicial selection process. So dissatisfied that he is thinking about doing something about it.

What Pray tell is he thinking about doing you ask? Why running against speaker Beth Harwell of course for the state house.

Here comes the kicker....

He wants to run against her AS A REPUBLICAN in the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY!!!


  1. Uh, let me think about this for a bit.

  2. What has the Senate done to fix the problem?

  3. In order for everyone to get it into their hard heads that this is a real problem, it is likely going to require some hideous murderer being released off death row, when a Federal District Court voids a decision by the TN Supreme Court because the Judges are seated incompetently on cases under the unconstitutional Retention-Election Statute.
    When that criminal's conviction is voided, we'll be faced with emptying State prisons of many hardened violent criminals.
    At that point all that I'll be able to say to the Legislators who supported this high risk policy venture, to keep their lawyer buddies happy, and that LIFT-PAC money flowing is: "nice job".


    There, that's better...

    John understands the problem. I don't think he is interested in Team R or Team D "winning", but instead the people on this issue. Both Democrats and now Republicans in leadership have demonstrated they have no desire to follow our state constitution on this matter.

    Political Party Politics have already compromised the intended separation of the executive and legislative branches as a check and balance (e.g. the "administration's" bills and expected loyalty to "party" in supporting the "administration's" bills). Having the judicial branch appointed by elected members of the executive and legislature(whom we are told must therefore be "corrupt" from their campaigns according to smart, lawyer-type, judge-selectors) and special interest trial lawyers completely undermines the third branch.

    To answer Harry's question, all the Republicans had to do to "fix" this is NOTHING. It would have expired and we could have returned to constitutional election of judges. But instead, they introduced the Ramsey Plan, etc. to keep it alive.


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