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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How it all shakes out

As I said earlier thank you to the 121,508 people who voted for me to be a delegate.

Now who will I be a delegate for?

After thinking about the math and legal side of it all, I was elected as a Newt Delegate and short of him releasing me I will go and vote for Newt in the first two rounds of the convention as I committed to do. It is better for both sides that way.

If I stay with Newt he knows he has me for the first two rounds for sure and if he can make a play I will most assuredly support him in it. If he releases me he loses one of his few delegats he has and with it the negotiating power.

For Rick Santorum it is better because he can appoint someone else of his choice to one of his slots he offered to me and should a deal be possibly be brokered he knows I could support him.

Both sides win.


  1. "Both sides win."
    Guess that makes you feel better, after your "twisted" logic.

  2. Sounds kinda like Kent Williams don't it? I guess that old 11th commandment safety net will hold you....won't it?

    Of course if the TNGOP doesn't just delete all those winning Gingrich at-large votes (including yours), and the winning 2nd District Romney votes, Santorum still doesn't have any delegates, because NOBODY believed in him in time to get on the ballot. I guess he must have been their fourth or fifth choice (at least). I think the TNGOP has even more explaining to do to Romney and Gingrich voters than you four attempted defectors do. Rick will drop out just like Gingrich and the chosen one will cruise on in. Rick is serving a temporary purpose to call it a "2-man race" so Newt can leave and then Paul will be an also-ran that can really be ignored from now on.

    Then there's the next election. How do loyal Republican primary voters that donate their time, money and effort to elect candidates/delegates know they won't get sucker-punched next time? Even if their delegate follows through and even if they get the most votes, the TNGOP can jerk the rug out from under them...again. And of course if your guy actually does get elected and displaces a Democrat, well, the TNGOP can just redistrict him out of existence (Kerry Roberts). "Thanks for playing and come again, 'cause at least we aren't Obama" rings kind of hollow.

    Everybody loses.

    1. It's pretty messed up. Both Newt and Rick have records that scream that they are for sale. I'll be pulling for Paul to the very end, and then Gary J. Enough is enough.


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