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Monday, March 19, 2012

McDonald Quits!

Democrat State Rep. Mike McDonald will not run again for office. This makes 10 Dems Quitting this year.

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  1. Hooray!
    We were speculating the reasons why the democrats would not be running again.
    Now, we have a few conjectures.
    Maybe these democrats grew tired of seeing wise and deserving candidates with whom they worked to progress the state of Tennessee turned away only to be replaced by incompetent and incapable individuals.
    Or maybe, it was because they realized that those with newly gained power were unsure of how to control it other than to stifle their opposition without logic or reason incorporated into their agenda for stagnation.
    Or maybe, just maybe, with their "honest" attempts to be even the slightests bit productive and progress the legislature, they were exhausted by the reasonless resistance of those more concerned for gossip of "hot rumors."

    But, let us not dwell on these things for too long, for it is a time to celebrate! Tennessee is headed in the right direction!




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