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Saturday, March 17, 2012

More from the non existent sex ed classes.

Just some stuff I pulled down from one of the links on grade 6-8 sex education in Tennessee.

6.1 identify family influences in the development of personal values and
beliefs and how they will affect future decisions;

6.2 analyze changing roles and responsibilities (physically, socially and emotionally) throughout the life cycle as individuals and members of families;

6.3 evaluate the influence of attitudes, emotions, and behaviors on healthy family relationships.

Performance Indicators:
At Level 1, the student will be able to:
describe family structures, roles, and how they may change;• understand that character is developed within the family structure (e.g.,
two parent, single parent, blended, extended, foster and adoptive
• understand how changes in family structure can impact emotional, social
and physical well-being.

At Level 2, the student will be able to:

identify how family values impact gender discrimination, harassment, and
various types of abuse

At Level 3, the student will be able to:
• explain roles and influences on personality development;
• identify the signs of abuse (emotional and physical abuse);

... Have students explain the roles and responsibilities of family members;

• have students write an essay about a family’s personal values and
influences as they relate to personal choices and behaviors;
• lead a group discussion evaluating the family relationships of a television
• discuss expectations and stereotypes about the opposite sex;


  1. Nice of you to copy and paste. you started at 6.1 but didn't copy this:

    Family Life
    Domain Description: The dynamic process of growth and development
    encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and social maturation. Positive
    personal and family relationships provide a foundation that promotes healthy
    development. (Refer to TCA 49-6-1303 with regard to children excused from
    family life instruction by parent or guardian).

    why? I'm guessing because it shows that we don't need your bill.

  2. Bu bu bu but this is not even happening. Or is it?

  3. It should be on the back of the school to get the parent's permission for the child to participate not the parents' responsibility to find out what is being taught and to notify the school


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