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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh Snap!!!

Deb Maggart goes old school hammer on Mike Turner after he said Republican were preoccupied with sex.

“As usual, Chairman Turner and the Democrats are overcompensating for something. Perhaps it's their limited legislative agenda?

"Regardless, the reality is, this week alone the Republican Majority advanced proposals to eliminate the death tax in Tennessee, create a FastTrack grant program for local economic development projects, and revise the unemployment benefits program so Tennesseans who legitimately need support can receive it without burdening taxpayers. That's called a jobs agenda. Turner and his crew should help us with this instead of filing bills for transvestites (HB 187), legalizing pot (HB 294), and raising the gas tax (HB 2277). That's a reckless agenda that hurts Tennessee."


  1. All of this progress sounds great, especially the part about eliminating the death tax! It seems so unfair for us to have to give up part of what we inherit from our families, who have worked and saved so hard, all of their lives!

    Now, if we could just find a way to get rid of the Hall income tax. It seems a shame, as hard as we have to work for our money, to have to pay both a federal and a state income tax each year on what little we have been able to save!

    People are always saying that Tennessee does not have an income tax. I cannot understand why they say that, as we actually do have to pay a state income tax, called the Hall tax!

    Thanks for anything you can do to help eliminate this drain on our savings, Senator!

    You the best!

  2. limited legislative agenda?

    Gee, isn't that (limited government) what Republicans claim to want? Or is that just campaign fluff, that we're suppose to forget about once Republicans take office?

    FastTrack grant program for local economic development projects

    Are these grants provided with tax payer money? If so, does Debra Maggert know what fascism is? If the Republican jobs plan is to tax those working, and give that money to companies to create new jobs off the backs of tax payers, then I say the fascist Republicans can keep their jobs plan.

    Limited legislative agenda? I like the sound of limited, even if I don't like the agenda. 3,800+ bills is insane.

  3. Seems like she is mixed up, HB0294 will increase revenue and give sick individuals access to medicine.


    Opps.... isn't this the "No facts" zone?

  4. Now Anonymous, don't talk sensible. Just because Tennessee will financially benefit from taxing the people who sell pot, rather than putting them in prison is no reason to get in the way of the unlimited Republican agenda.


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