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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One step at a time

My drug testing for TANF (Welfare type) benefits bill passed the Senate health committee!!!

Yes! I am stoked.

I have been working on this bill for a few years now and really would like to see it move. I had to shift it to suspicion based testing (Based on if you had a previous drug arrest in the last 5 years) rather then a blanket test but it is out of committee and moving.

One step at a time.


  1. I apologize for being lazy and not reading the bill (what's the number?), but let's say I'm receiving state welfare type benefits with no criminal record and then am arrested and/or convicted on drug charges.

    Do the benefits stop immediately? Is this different for conviction vs. arrest?

    Am I then under suspicion for 5 years from that point (conviction OR arrest)?

    I am thinking about the crooks running the DICE extortion ring on I-40 (westbound only) that hold up truck drivers for cash or threaten them with arrest. Is the intent for an arrest (which could be bogus) to kick you out, or is a conviction required?

    If welfare programs are designed to help someone out of the permanent need for the service, why does our legislation tend to default to people remaining in the system?

  2. You were such a hero today when, I believe it was in the meeting of the Judiciary Committee, you asked the guy something like, "If your organization is not engaged in any of these illegal activities, then why are you taking this stand on the proposed legislation?"

    The poor guy was like a deer in the headlights! He had nothing to say to defend himself after that! I kinda felt sorry for him - ha!

    You are fearless!

  3. I like It !!!!!!!!! If someone is on the Dole they should have to be dope free.

  4. Well done. If we are to get fair measures like this, then they have to be won bit by bit. That's how the left erodes our rights; that's how we should defend them.


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