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Friday, March 30, 2012

Somebody has to say it.

I have goten a few questions on if Tennessee has a "Stand your ground" policy. As I recall I am pretty sure we do have it in Tennessee.

Now, to the entire Zimmerman thing in Florida I have no comment on the possible guilt or innocence of the people involved. Time and a jury will hopefully be able to find the truth.

As to the "hoodie gate" issue. I am sorry but people wearing pulled up hoodies do appear ominous and I don't care what color the person is. If I saw a person in A pulled up hoodie (especially in the summer in Florida) I would fear the person was trying to concele their identity for some nefarious reason. Seldom a good thing. There is a reason banks tell customers that hats and hoodies are not allowed to be worn inside the bank. It is not because they have some deep seated closet racism in their heart. It is because hats an hoodies obstruct the view of to a persons face and as to who a person is. A common tactic of criminals.


  1. What does it say about you when you wear a Mexican wrestling mask to a football game? Do you get shot for concealing your face then too?

  2. Uh, Stacey, Trayvon Martin was shot on February 26. That's not summer in this hemisphere.

  3. You never won any spelling bees did you son? You should really learn how to spell.

  4. * gotten a few questions
    * appear ominous
    * especially in the summer
    * conceal their identity
    * and hoodies
    * person's face
    * common tactic

  5. Stacey,

    It wasn't "summer in FL" on February 26th. In fact, it wasn't even spring. It was still winter. Though it is south of us, FL is still in the Northern Hemisphere. The recorded low on February 26th in Sanford, FL was 52 degrees. Perfect "hoodie weather" as folks in my generation might describe it.

  6. 1) This happened in February, not the middle of the summer.
    2) 'concele'?
    3) You start by saying that you have no opinion, and then go on to give one.
    4) So all people who wear hoodies should be treated as criminals?



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