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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Student guns on campus upheld

The Colorado campus ban of permit holders and their second amendment rights has been overturned by the state supreme court. They ruled that the state, not the campus is the ultimate decider.

The Concealed Carry Act, passed in 2003, prohibits local governments from limiting concealed carry rights with a few exceptions: K-12 schools, places where guns are banned by federal law, public buildings with metal detectors and private property.

College campuses were not accepted under the law....

...“Where there is more concealed carry, there is less crime,” he said. “It’s been studied six ways to Sunday and everyone knows that now.”

Brophy pointed to the shooting at Virginia Tech that left 33 people dead, and to the shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs where a security guard, Jeanne Assam, shot and killed a gunman after he opened fire in a shooting that took two lives, as examples of the security concealed weapons can provide when violence erupts unexpectedly.

“While that shooter was on campus illegally possessing a firearm and murdering people, people who could have legally carried there and stopped him, as Jeanne Assam did at the church in Colorado Springs, weren’t allowed to do that,” Brophy said.

“We are safer when people are allowed to carry concealed weapons.”

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  1. My son is a trained, expert handler of firearms. He passed his entry level, hunter safety exam with a score of 100% and all during the years since then, has never given his father nor his family one moment of abnormal concern, relative to his safe and legal handling of firearms, until now.

    As a teenager he pursued Air-soft mock tactical training environments and demonstrated a healthy respect and interest in guns. He definitely understands their role and their safe handling. He is a responsible young adult. But recently, he told me, as a college sophomore, a student in a State of Tennessee university , that he is fearful to be on campus, without a weapon. "There are already weapons, (illegal) on campus", he says, and he says he knows they are present. I've been to his college, visiting there and it is a veritable, daily, beehive of student activity.

    How much longer can we endure as a State, choosing to ignore that, without qualified concealed carry, weapons' permitted staff, present on campuses and available to thwart deranged gunman run amuck, we are asking for, prior to sustaining what would otherwise be an avoidable hideous tragedy, the proposition, that someone like my own son, in order to feel safe in attending a post secondary education, is now considering the risk of violating, current state law, in order to protect his own life or that of someone else's?


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