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Friday, March 16, 2012

TEA throws higher ed under the bus

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At about 11:30 The head people at the Tennessee Education Association admit they have no proof that a classically trained teacher is any better then and educator who has field/life experience and was not trained as a teacher. When asked why that is, they said we need to ask higher ed.

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  1. Can the higher ed folks blame it on the parents of the higher ed students?

    Or that the annual 20% tuition increases just aren't enough?

    That always seems to work for the TEA in preK-12.

    Here is TEA-lobbyist Jerry's statistical proof why your alternate path should stay closed: they don't pay any union dues. Plus, "It will be chaos!"

    And nice assist by NEA-Andy carrying the union water. I guess the <a href="https://www.nycteachingfellows.org/Default.asp>NYC Teaching Fellows</a> put out an "independent peer reviewed study" that shows their company doesn't work, huh? And Burks' concern for "undermining the profession of the teacher" gets an honorable mention.

    As usual with the NEA/TEA crowd, the students are left out of the discussion. Just fine to keep undermining their education - at our expense.

    But most especially, you need to remember the reaction here to having professionals enter the teaching profession "for the children" at the request of the local LEA the next time you hear the TEA whine, "you should try to do my job, walk in my shoes, etc.". They have no intention of letting you.


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