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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To my Facebook friends

It seems my Facebook page has been taken down because someone reported it as fraudulent. I have appealed it. Carry on.


  1. TO: The Sen
    RE: Heh

    I've seen that tactic applied before, but on web sites. Charlie Martin accused me of being a spammer and suddenly AKissmet had me blocked from all kinds of blogs.



  2. I am Trying to stay off of FB (waste of time), but I did notice that you had 2 pages under your name. When you posted something, it went to both pages, but when people commented, it would be under one, or the other...

  3. It doesn't seem that hard to have happen. Any fool with a complaint can rule the universe (at least for a few minutes)

  4. I have nothing substantive to say about the actual issue here. I just want to applaud you for using the correct term -- "my Facebook page" -- rather than simply "my Facebook."

    It drove me nuts when people would say things like, "He posted it on his MySpace," and it drives me nuts when they say, "He posted it on his Facebook."

    No, no, NO. It's his MySpace page, and it's his Facebook page, and God, it's hard being a pedant.

  5. @Chuck Pelto:

    You're not a spammer, but you seem to have been everywhere - forever (pre-Charlie Martin).


  6. The WOT (Web of Trust) AddOn/Extension if Firefox also warns "This site has a bad reputation"


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