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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Tough times, tough decisions.

As the presidential primary draws near in Tennessee, some hard decisions face us. Newt Gingrich to me is the top candidate. Smart, experienced and a great debater with the history of solid results to get it done.

In his time as speaker he stood up to the media, balanced budgets, cut unemployment to half what it is now and did a wealth of other great things like reforming our welfare system.

He would make an outstanding president.

Unfortunately, politics is a cruel mistress. Things shift and momentum turns. After South Carolina 2 mediocre debates and some missteps (such as pushing moon colonies) in Florida, he left the door open to Rick Santorum. Rick took his opportunities and made the most of them by winning 3 states in a row. Dropping Newt to a distant third in almost all polling.

I was hoping Newt could re surge with a strong debate before Michigan. While he showed well, it was not to be. In Michigan and Arizona he stayed down at the bottom With Santorum and Romney battling it out up top. After the Santorum second place in Michigan and Arizona I know Newt was hoping for a momentum shift but that has not really happened either.

Now the moderate wing is trying to close it down saying the divided primary is hurting the party and we all need to get behind Romney and just hang it up. Romney keeps "winning" without gaining plurality and is racking up the delegates.

Nothing would make moderates happier then a continued split field to keep Romney in front until everyone just coalesce behind him. I have seen it too many times in the past here in Tennessee. Multiple conservatives divide the field and the moderate wins without ever getting over 50%. Polling shows Obama is nearly unelectable because of his unpopularity in key swing states. The only question is, who will win the primary. While I could support a moderate (Romney) over a liberal (Obama), I would much prefer a conservative over a moderate and a clear difference in policy will keep that split wide.

Here is where it gets hard. After super Tuesday without a coalition of the conservatives, voter fatigue and the moderate screams of "Just give it to Romney. He is inevitable!" will be overpowering. With no slew of debates to propel Newt back up to the top and too many states and not enough money to buy the media needed for a drastic sea change before super Tuesday it will stay close to where it is now. Divided, with one monied moderate and several conservatives ripping each other to pieces for second place.

Something has to change.


While I would personally prefer Newt and think he would make a great president, it is clearly getting too late for him to come back. As much as it pains me to say it, the conservative with the momentum and ability to still make it happen is Rick Santorum. Not that Rick is bad. In fact he is great in many ways, pro life, strong conservative credentials, pro family and a lot of the same ideas Newt has. It just hurts because my wishes for Newt to do well are so strong.

Unfortunately, while I am twisted inside because of my loyalty to Newt, my loyalty must first lie with my country and getting a country with a conservative leader must take precedence to my own personal whims of fancy.

Therefore, As of now, I am stepping down as the statewide co chairman for Newt Gingrich and throwing all of my support behind Rick Santorum. Going with me are the top 3 second congressional district delegates for Newt (Dr. Lenard Brown, Dr. Aaron Margulise and Scott Smith). We all now throw our support behind Rick Santorum and hope for his success. We encourage other people who are supporting other candidates (not just in Tennessee but across the nation) to follow suit and throw your support behind Rick Santorum so we can coalesce and have a conservative to lead our party, and our country back to victory and prosperity.


  1. Well said, Senator. It reinforces my feelings for my vote for Santorum a few weeks ago in early voting.

  2. Well said indeed. However, Newt would make a great Chief Innovation Officer, but despite your comments, he was actually very poor at implementing his ideas. Most of what was achieved was actually blocking Clinton. Likewise, Santorum is everything you say he is, but he would also be easy meat for the press and Obama to paint him as a loser kook. So I have no regrets in my early vote for Romney.

  3. With so much of the campaign ahead, you are way off base.
    It's a pretty flimsy excuse for buying into the "manage the decay" syndrome; but you have the right to do so....after all money talks and when the Romney/Santorum team fails again....you can say, "I helped"!! Good luck to you.

  4. ha ha, he is a politician and wants to be on the "winner's" side. It doesn't matter about beliefs, constitution or even ideology, just WIN !

    1. You're wrong again, MickeyWhite!

      Why not state your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, instead of attacking someone who has had the courage to state his?

    2. Uh, Campfield detailed his concern about beliefs, ideology etc., but good luck doing anything without ever winning MickeyWhite.

    3. Well, if he does, that's a win for the Republican party in the fight to defeat Obama, and not a personal win. I see honor and great purpose in his decision.

    4. I just posted this it probably won't be approved either:
      "This reeks of unethical behavior! How in the world can you wait 3 days before voting and move to a new camp? Here's the thing anything you take to the Santorum WILL be recognized as STOLEN from the Newt camp. It will go public!"

    5. Absolutely stupid! Newt has a better chance of Winning. Rick Santorum could NEVER win against Obama! He created the big spending Government, debt & unemployment, Food Stamps from Santorum.

      Rick voted with Big Union Bosses ALL of the time against Republicans:
      For Davis-Bacon (ALl Gov Contractors must join Union)
      For Union Reps IRS Board
      Twice to Unionize FedEx
      ANTI Right To Work
      Anti Davis-Bacon reform (To Allow other business to bid for Gov. Contracts in Disaster Zones)

      Rick Santorum was most Disliked Senator w/Disapproval Rating of 60%.He made campaign promises which he lied about.


      Rick Voted AGAINST Republicans to allow the President to store NUCLEAR WASTE in TN At Oak Ridge Reservation.

      NEWT IS ONLY ANSWER!! RALLY BEHIND HIM! Not Santo who said Protestants were NOT Christians to Catholic College students!

    6. Ned, who is MickeyWhite anyway?

      I don't like the way he talks to Senator Campfield!

      He needs to learn to speak to people with different views in the same way he would speak to people he agrees with...it's a matter of being a gentleman!

    7. I too see honor and great purpose in Senator Campfield's decision!

      A decision like this takes great courage, and I admire Senator Campfield for being so brave in so many ways in his political life!

    8. Hey..all you "anonymous"...why don't you state your name along with your comments??? This Senator sees the writing on the wall. I applaud his courage.

  5. Glad to have you aboard Stacy!

  6. A wise decision. I think were the shoe on the other foot, I'd have just as painfully done the same in the other direction. As Santorum for President's District Director for the Louisiana 6th congressional district, let me extend my thanks and welcome you to the Santorum Campaign!

  7. As Santorum for President's District Director for Louisiana's 6th Congressional District, WELCOME. I think your decision is very wise under the circumstances. Had the fortunes of politics put the shoe on the other foot, I would have faced the same painful decision and believe I would have done a similar thing. Please let me know if I can help you get connected to the campaign in any way!

  8. BUT who will get rid of the Federal Reserve and GET US OUT OF THE UN????? Will Santorum do that???? He doesn't have a "recorded record" that he will do that nor does Romney. Repubs, WAKE UP.
    For God & Country

    1. He doesn't have a "recorded record" that he will get rid of the Fed and get us out of the UN? No, he doesn't and neither does Ron Paul. He is all talk and has accomplished nothing in 20 years of collecting a tax payer funded paycheck. Oh wait, yes he has accomplished something, bringing billions of dollars to his district through earmarks and never voting for them.

  9. welcome to the "game on" campaign, senator. this country needs a conseravtive leader.

  10. Congratulations!! Wise move, Senator Campfield! I have felt, all along, that even though they asked you to be Newt's statewide co-chairman, in your heart, you were for Santorum!

    I went out and voted for Santorum before he surged in the polls!

    I don't know if Romney can beat Obama, but I feel that, if we conservatives get behind Santorum, he can definitely win!!!

    In my heart and in my prayers, I want a Christian conservative in the White House! I want America to be a country with the values I grew up with! So happy for you, Stacey!

    1. Interesting comment. I feel positively sure Stacey was for Santorum the whole time. Wonder if we could get a confirmation on that, Senator Campfield?

  11. Very well said, Senator! Thank you for your support.

  12. "In my heart and in my prayers, I want a Christian conservative"
    That's exactly what Mitt exemplifies. Not Santorum. Mitt and Ron Paul out of the 4 are the only ones without a history of abusing government power for personal gain. Newt and Rick both have a horrible history of abusing their government positions for personal gain. Rick's sweet mortgage deal, getting PA to pay for his kids education while living in Virginia. He and his wife suing a chiropractor for $500K while he's arguing for tort reform. You guys are all emotional ideologues projecting a false persona on every last anybody but Romney candidate you have fallen in love with.


  13. Thank you for thinking of the country first. I only wish the Paul people would see the light. A conservative is better than a moderate and a libertarian like Paul has no chance. If the Paul and Gingrich people would throw their full weight behind Santorum, Romney wouldn't stand a chance.

  14. Stacey,

    Since Santorum still has NO DELEGATES in TN, will you please explain the process by which the GOP would steal votes from primary delegates in order for Santorum to be the nominee, thus negating the actual votes by Republicans?

    Why, when not a single citizen in TN found him viable enough (either on principle or political convictions) to get 100 friends to sign a delegate petition, could Rick possibly be "the choice" now? I mean who has dropped out that they supported previously because he obviously wasn't important to ANYONE in TN six months ago.

    Not that it makes any difference. The RNC (Romney Nominating Committee) and the bailout banksters have made the non-choice clear. Obamney will be the GOP candidate by any means necessary. True freedom begins after the primary ends, when folks can choose and their votes are not co-opted/negated/deleted/changed by the powers that be in the GOP.

  15. Rick has always been my "main guy," but I would have been okay with Newt. I DO NOT want to hold my nose and vote for Romney. Those who support Ron Paul - I sincerely admire your loyalty, but he is not going to win the nomination, and at his age, would never win the general election. Santorum DOES have a chance. The only way Mitt wins is to outspend his opponents with negative ads. So Senator, I thank you for setting aside your personal feelings, and doing what is right for the good of the country.

  16. I support your decision but still will be voting for Newt on Tuesday. I can not jump midship although the boat is taking on water fast. I have decided who ever wins, Newt should be on the second half of the ticket. I think he can work with congress better than anyone and hopfully bridge a gap that has existed for far too long. God Bless You all & God Bless America.
    Jim Malone
    Clarksville, TN.

  17. Sorry, but Santorum does not have the strengths to beat Obama and it will prove to be true when if he does win. Obama is a stronger debater than Santorum. As far as Michigan, it was a mess with the amount of phone calls elector where recieving. I am heavliy involved in the campaign, and made over 400 phone calls, they were sick of Santorums robot calls; infact Michigan voters are so turned off by the whole republican party, that they are going to vote for Obama. I think it was smart of Newt to remove himself from the mess and have no ties to it. Do you know why Santorum lost his 2006 Senate election? Obama will devour him and his weakness. By giving up on the best Candidate; is giving up on the country. Newt is the only individual with the strengths to beat Obama. Otherwise, I am very fearful of what 2016 will look like.

    1. Rick is 2 points behind Obama. Romney is one point ahead. It is a lie that he is not the strongest. The media will make it a womens issue on contraception although there is not one because it feeds into the narrative. The guy has guts, speaks his mind, unlike Romney who is a bore.

  18. I cannot believe the rationalization......we already have tried ON THE JOB TRAINING......a Senator with no leading experience and you are willing to do that again? Santorum may be a nice enough guy but so not ready for prime time. WAKE UP GOP this is too important to screw around with.

    1. Romney has flip flopped so much most people don't know what he stands for. How can anyone vote for someone like that? On the job training is great, but the GOP doesn't have someone like that now. Simply put, we don't know what we will get with Romney. His earlier tapes in his own words show he is a progressive. Took money from the Federal Govt, etc, RomneyCare.

  19. Wow this truly takes courage and your commentment to winning this election is to be commended. Let me say that I agree on a number of the issues that you bring up.

    Newt is a very smart man and a great debater. But at this stage of the game with him still in the race it is only handing this election to Obama. Romney will never win against Obama for so many reasons. He takes the Obamacare issue off the table. He is not connecting with the public. He has a record of flip/floping. I could go on. The mainstream media wants Mitt to run.

    Newt is a smart man and he recognized this before that with Rick and Newt in the campaign it is only giving it to Mitt. I pray that he loves our country enough to understand what you understand and what Newt has mentioned and he will step down also and work with Rick. Doing so as you have before Super Tuesday would so his love for our country. Let's put pride aside and get this country back where it belongs.

    Rick would be very smart to utilitize Newt and his wisdom in an important position on his team in the White House. We would all love to see that.

    Thanks again for caring about our country.

  20. You and Rick will make a lovely couple.

  21. Why is "moderate" a dirty word all of a sudden? The extremists are killing, KILLING the GOP. Santorum would get embarrassed in a debate with Obama. Strangely, though, I think a Santorum nomination would help the GOP...not by winning the election, but by purging the party of the extremist element that has drug us almost into obscurity.

    1. You must be a Democrat or Republican. Republicans today are small democrats. Conservatives still hold the traditions of this country. They are not ashamed of their beliefs.

    2. You must be a Democrat or Republican. Most Republicans are part of the establishment today. Most conservatives hold traditional beliefs of this country and the fabric of society. They are not ashamed.

  22. That's the same reason I voted for Santorum. *wink*

  23. How broken we are when people seeking a conservative Christian will support a twice divorced career politician. Where is the moral character who can sincerely voice concern for the poor & not turn a blind eye to the excesses & plain old sin of the wealthy? God's wisdom cannot be recognized; let alone voted in, given the prevailing cultural lawlessness, selfishness & lack of concern for the weak. Our only hope is a deep repentance & revival.

    1. Just wondering if you thought Ronald Reagan was a good president.

    2. Just love it when people judge. That's such a wonderful way to witness to the lost and help them find Christ.

  24. What a self absorbed afraid to stand for your principals weak kneed load of hooey! All 4 of you should be tarred and feathered. Just more proof that the media will choose our candidate for us, and our elected represenatives will bend to their will.
    For the record, those 3 states "Santorum won" he didn't win anything! NO DELEGATES WERE ALLOCATED, they were beauty contests. FACT!
    Here's another FACT!
    Ohio needs to understand that a vote for Santorum is a vote for Romney. Rick does not have a full slate of delegates in all the districts. Even if he wins the popular vote and Romney comes in second, Romney will get the delegates, because Rick did not file the proper paperwork and is disqualified from receiving the delegates.
    The only way to stop romney is by voting for Newt and he will get the delegates.
    This scenario ia also true in other states including Illinois, and states he is not even on the ballot!

    So you throw your support behind someone who is the spolier for Romeny, whom Santorum endorsed in '08.
    Clearly Santorum does not even have a grasp on how the election system works or he would have dropped out long ago, it is mathematically impossible for him to win.
    This letter is one of the whiniest piece of drivel I have seen coming from an elected official, where's your fight?

    Shame on you!

    1. Newt won 1 state. If he won more, it would be different Maybe he didn't get all the delegates yet, but he is fighting in all the states, not like Newt who picks and chooses the states he wants. We need a President for every state, not the states he wants to run in.

  25. Thanks for your courage. Santorum is a man of solid Conservative values who has been fighting for our country to be what the founding Fathers intended for a long time. He is consistent. He has never flip-flopped or sold out based on politics. He is a man of principle and solid ideas to get our economy back on track and to REPEAL Obama care and to return this nation to a nation "by the people FOR THE PEOPLE" ...He really has worked so hard on the campaign trail. He shows he is a very hard worker and that once people personally get to know him and his wisdom they come behind him 100%. Please watch on utube his new video with his wife Karen. It is excellent. Also, please go to C Span and watch his OHIO GOP speech from yesterday. It is excellent and he articulates his ideas in a way that America needs to hear and come behind.

  26. So basically what Campfield is saying is that he is an opportunist and its not about beliefs/values for him, its about supporting the perceived front winner even though Newt is second in hard delegates. And to do that 3 days before Super Tuesday and taking 3 delegates with him to Santorums camp is unethical and this incident should speak volumes about his character and I pray that he gets defeated during his re-election bid. There is no way that Santorum will win against Obama.

  27. Welcome aboard! The Democrats are prepared for Romney and I fear they would beat him. Santorum is a good, honest, hardworking man who loves this country. Let's move him into the WH!

    1. You are right. There are so many tapes where he said the opposite of what he says now, it is not even funny. How anyone can think he can win is not clear to me.

  28. I'm sorry that you have chosen to go with the followers. A vote for Santorum is a vote for Obama. Like you said..."Newt Gingrich to me is the top candidate". Newt IS the top candidate!!!!!

  29. Thank you and welcome home, Sen. May others follow in your footsteps. These were, for me, the best lines from your announcement:

    "Unfortunately, while I am twisted inside because of my loyalty to Newt, my loyalty must first lie with my country and getting a country with a conservative leader must take precedence to my own personal whims of fancy. Therefore, As of now, I am stepping down as the statewide co chairman for Newt Gingrich and throwing all of my support behind Rick Santorum. Going with me are the top 3 second congressional district delegates for Newt (Dr. Lenard Brown, Dr. Aaron Margulise and Scott Smith)."

    Thank you,

  30. It is a lie that Newt balanced the budget. The debt went up every year that Gingrich was speaker. Furthermore, even if the debt hadn't increased, the budget still would not have been balanced because of entitlements. If you kick the entitlement can down the road, you did not have a balanced budget.

    Guess who was right there with Gingrich racking up the debt? Mr. "Progressive Conservative" Santorum, voting to raise the debt ceiling 5 times. Neither are fiscally conservative. In fact only Paul and Romney won't add trillions to the debt, and Romney may because his economic plan is vague. Thus, if you are going to talk about Romney being a moderate, you best look at Newt and Santorum. What's conservative about either of their fiscal policies?

    This concept of 'conservative', 'moderate' and 'liberal' is meaningless because people often don't have a firm grasp of these words mean. They'll back one person because of an issue or two and ignore all the rest of the slop which comes with that person while trashing someone like Ron Paul because of one issue.

    Newt's ship is sinking and you've abandoned it for another, which is your choice, but you don't realize that all you have done is jump from the frying pan into the fire.

    1. One word for Romney, GoldmanSachs
      One word for Paul, Looney on Defense

      Sorry, can't vote for someone who wanted the Wallstreet bailouts. It is obvious it is because he worked for GoldmanSachs. He is not different than the powers that be in government.

    2. Looney on Defense? What's looney is going to war against Iran. The only difference between the propaganda about Iraq and Iran is that the q changes to an n. What's looney is that you can't see that.

      Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA Osama Bin Laden Station, endorsed Ron Paul for President because of his foreign policy.

  31. Great Choice! Conservatives need to unite behind Rick Santorum!

  32. I'm far more interested in whom will replace YOU than whom will be elected the next President.

  33. Stacy,
    We have some good folk over here in Central TN., but you're one of my favorite R's in TN.. And this post of yours helps explain why.

    I could have gone for Newt. I was a long-time 'hoping for Santorum' sort, but if Newt had gotten the nomination, I would have been pretty happy.

    I personally ask for Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum to come together for the good of the Nation. If the end result is Gingrich becomes VP, hey, that's good regional balancing. A guy from Penn, and a boy from Georgia covers much of the nation (leaving the West out, but give Arpaio the Border Patrol, and you'd probably make a lot of Westerners happy.)

    We need to defeat Romney. Otherwise, when his Dem-lite policies fail, as they must, the GOP will get blamed for Obama's and Romney's combined failures, and instead of turning to the right solution, we'll end up turning more to the socialist method which is a proven failure.


  34. Santorum has a strong record for getting the job done! I think he will be an excellent President and all conservatives need to RALLY behind him. At this point, a vote for Newt is only helping Mitt Romney. I think electing Romney would be GOP suicide. I pray more will follow your example and do what is best for America. We don't need another Obama and I believe that is what we will get if we elect Romney. Santorum 2012!!!

    -Rick champions the intrinsic value of the human person as the founding principle of conservatism.
    -Rick exposed the House Banking and House Post Office scandals.
    -Rick is the author of the 1996 Welfare Reform Act.
    -Rick authored legislation that outlawed Partial Birth Abortion, the “Born Alive Infant ProtectionAct,” the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act,” and the “Combating Autism Act”.
    -Rick fought for a balanced budget and a line item veto.
    -Rick advocates for reforming the Social Security system
    -Rick authored the “Syrian Accountability Act” and the “Iran Freedom and Support Act” toimpose sanctions on these rogue nations and promote democracy around the globe.
    -Rick has led the fight to rid the scourge of AIDS from the continent of Africa.

    -Santorum is a member of the “Gang of Seven” that exposed taxpayer scandals at Congressional bank and Congressional post office. This is one of the reasons the Washington Post praised Santorum as “a tea-party kinda guy before the tea party even existed.”

    -Rick Santorum has a long history of cutting taxes, reducing spending and fighting for a balanced budget amendment. He even took on leaders of his own party in that fight. He has never voted for a tax increase, and one year introduced more original bills cutting spending than anyone else.

    Sarah Palin said Rick Santorum’s “been consistent in saying we need to slash the federal income tax.”

  35. Newt has far too much baggage. That is why he hasn't been getting much traction.

  36. Senator,

    I am very much grateful for decision to join Santorum's team. You have my thanks and support. God bless.

  37. Well, it appears Rick has quite the anonymous support here. Kind of like the folks that didn't exist to get signatures on a delegate petition, so HE CAN ONLY WIN BY STEALING THEM WITH THE GOP'S PERMISSION.

    Jim Malone gets it. I'm not voting for Jim's candidate, but he understands principle. These unstable, double-minded, anonymous Santorum supporters don't, including COMMITTED delegates that would sell out folks like Jim - in effect stealing his work, donations and vote for Gingrich. Santorum wasn't their guy then the delegates were formed, but he was running - so why didn't the anonymous believe in him then?

    The GOP knows the open primary (which will remain so until these private political clubs start paying for their own beauty contests) plays in anybody-but-Mitt's favor and most likely Santorum will get the Dem vote because they do not want to have to run against Flip Obamney (basically Obama with an "R" behind his name) or Ron Paul (who represents an actual change and the anti-non-declared war is an appeal to those with Obama buyer's remorse). So, the GOP is scrambling, cutting their losses, and their willingness to kick primary voters and their committed delegates to the curb is very telling.

  38. From Santorum's Georgia grass-roots campaign, thank you so much! We really appreciate your stand behind a commited, full-spectrum conservative without the dubious past record and chequered personal history that Newt has.

    Santorum 2012! www.ricksantorum.com

  39. Here's the deal: When the G.O.P. stops focusing on getting a Democrat out of the White House and starts focusing on finding a candidate that will work hard doing what is in the best interest of the American People then they will win back the office of President. Unfortunately, all of the candidates have a thinly veiled personal political agenda (with the exception of Ron Paul) therefore it seems that the G.O.P. will have another four years to whine and moan and try to learn that lesson. As it stands, you guys have sealed your fate and the Obama family (who, when you think about it, have the best morals of ALL the political families, what with maintaining their original, and faithful, marriage and raising their girls to be good Christians) won't have to worry about packing so much as a box of books come November. I'm a smart, moderate, middle-of-the-road swing voter and I pay attention. The days of Karl Rove-style underhanded nastiness winning elections has passed. The American people are paying attention.

  40. Traitor. To Bad Ricky Boy could not seat his own delegates. What you going to do with Mittens whips your Hiney. You Really think you can win with Sleep Saint Rick.


  41. You have to convince Newt to step down it is not just enough for one co-chair to step down but we have to get newt to recognize the good of the country and help Senator Santorum like he did once before and get Rick the nomination...it is the only way we can get a conservative the nomination.

  42. Santorum is No Fiscal Hawk
    Voted to increase the Social Services Block Grant from $1 billion to $2 billion
    Voted to increase the FHA loan from $170,000 to $197,000. Also opposed increasing GNMA guaranty from 6 basis points to 12
    Sponsored An amendment to increase Amtrak funds by $550 million
    Voted to use HUD funds for the Joslyn Art Museum (NE), the Stand Up for Animals project (RI) and the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Project (WA)
    Voted to increase spending on social programs by $7 billion
    Voted to increase NIH funding by $1.6 billion.
    Voted to increase NIH funding by $700 million
    Voted to for a $2 million earmark to renovate the Vulcan Monument (AL)
    Voted for a $1 billion bailout for the steel industry
    Voted against requiring that highway earmarks would come out of a state’s highway allocation
    Voted to allow Market Access Program funds to go to foreign companies.
    Voted to allow OPIC to increase its administrative costs by 50%
    Voted against transferring $20 million from Americorps to veterans.
    Voted for the $140 billion asbestos compensation bill.
    Voted against requiring a uniform medical criteria to ensure asbestos claims were legitimate.
    Voted to make Medicare part B premium subsidies an new entitlement.
    Voted against paying off the debt ($5.6 trillion at the time) within 30 years.
    Voted to give $18 billion to the IMF.
    Voted to raid Social Security instead of using surpluses to pay down the debt.
    …And on Taxes
    Voted against a flat tax.
    Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for Medicare prescription drugs
    Voted to increase tobacco taxes to fund health insurance subsidies for small businesses.
    Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for an $8 billion increase in child health insurance.
    Voted to increase tobacco taxes to pay for an increase in NIH funding.
    Voted twice for internet taxes.
    Voted to allow gas tax revenues to be used to subsidize Amtrak.
    Voted to strike marriage penalty tax relief and instead provide fines on tobacco companies.
    Voted against repealing the Clinton 4.3 cent gas tax increase.
    Voted to increase taxes by $2.3 billion to pay for an Amtrak trust fund.
    Voted to allow welfare to a minor who had a child out of wedlock and who resided with an adult who was on welfare within the previous two years.
    Voted to increase taxes by $9.4 billion to pay for a $9.4 billion increase in student loans.
    Voted to say that AMT patch is more important than capital gains and dividend relief.

  43. Great reasoning & Rick is the one for the next POTUS! Thanks for the wise decision!!! Go Santorum 2012!

  44. I'm a Newt supporter, but you have definitely put this in a very important perspective. Thank you.

  45. Unbelievable Shame on you for this decision. Super Tues is coming and you could of at least waitied to see how Newt does. Disgusting!

    1. Unbelievable shame on you, Anonymous, for speaking to a Tennessee State Senator with such disrespect!

      Senator Campfield is a man of great integrity! His actions are based on his great love for God and country!

      If you read the papers, it's pretty obvious that it is all over with for Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, unless maybe Gingrich is the vice presidential candidate.

      What Senator Campfield has done demonstrates great wisdom and great courage!

      Why would you suggest we continue backing Gingrich, instead of doing all we can to elect Santorum and getting a conservative Christian in the White House who can actually win? Gingrich cannot beat Obama, he can only take votes away from someone who can!

  46. Right on, Cowboy!

    "While I could support a moderate (Romney) over a liberal (Obama), I would much prefer a conservative over a moderate and a clear difference in policy will keep that split wide."

    Not Mittens (aka Bob Dole, aka John McCain), please!! Arizona gave us John McCain, so its no wonder they like Mittens. I'm pulling the lever for Santorum.

  47. This article had bad grammar, bad ideas, and bad content.

    Welp, glad I could stop by.


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