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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vandy crucifies Catholic club

Vandy has implemented a plan that will not allow a Catholic club to require their club president to be a Catholic.

I know, crazy.

That may hold up but Mae beavers has a bill that would allow for re establishment of religious groups (with their own rules) on colleges that accept the lottery scholarship fund.

Guess who that might apply to?

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  1. “We believe, though, that the vast majority of our more than 400 registered student organizations easily will comply with the policy.”

    What is the policy, that they must accept Sodomites as leaders or that they refuse to be Catholic?

    "That policy bars student groups from requiring their leaders to hold specific religious beliefs."

    Oh, so no specific religious beliefs except for the ones forced on them by Vanderbilt. That's pretty clear. Does your student group charter application come with an independent thought alarm?

    "The university says it has an “all-comers” policy — meaning that groups must be open to all students and that every student should be allowed to run for office."

    Maybe the administration at Vanderbilt could lead by a truly democratic example here and let the students elect the administration from "all comers". After all, they are the paying customers...


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