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Thursday, March 01, 2012

When teachers talk about homosexuality

Well, well what do you know. Lets see. The left seems to hate the idea of the classroom protection act that restricts teachers in grades k-8 discussions on sexuality to natural reproduction.

Of course when a teacher deviates from their dogma and speaks out against homosexuality to kids what do they want? To silence the teacher from talking about homosexuality.

After the ACLU issued its news release on Thursday, gay rights organization the Human Rights Campaign launched a petition asking members and supporters to protest Bond's comments. The group said it collected 5,000 signatures within four hours.


  1. Of course, senator. You are always right.
    Now taking this into consideration, let us continue.
    So with this logic, if we support one, then we cannot support the other. This dillema can be seen in many other areas of politics. Let us take an example of the most controversial and most relevant topic: Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. Technically, those who are pro-life oppose abortion and the death penalty. But unfortunately this is not the case. Many of our friends in the GOP are strong proponents of both the death penalty and a blanket ban on abortion.
    With these postulates, let us now converge to attack "The left" for wanting it both ways. How dare they. It's almost as if they think they can legislate this society based on their own morals.
    Remain steadfast in your most noble convictions! For we must stamp out these liberal hypocrits who think they can legislate morality!

  2. There is a difference between ending an innocent life and ending the life of a murderer or in times of war. The bible is quite clear on that in several places.

    1. Excellent, Senator Campfield! The Bible is where we learn the truth about the sanctity of human life and that, not being gay, but living the homosexual lifestyle is very serious sin.

      The Bible teaches us these things out of the Lord's great love for us...we need to try and trust the wisdom of the truths expressed there.

    2. You could also appeal to the secular conscience. the murdered baby has had no trial, no chance to face their accuser and is executed and the executioner stands to gain financially by carrying out the accuser's wishes.

  3. Stacey, if you sent out a petition representing your views on these issues, I feel certain you would have many, many more signatures than they had, and in a far shorter period of time!

    Those who support you and your views are quiet, hard-working people of faith. You may not hear from them much, but once they get to the polls, you will be hearing from them - loud and clear!!! They support you and your Christian values big-time!


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