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Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 parties slow session..

This could take forever. As the final days of session wind down the house Democrats are really foot dragging. First, they refused to to help pass the flow motion (a procedural move that allows bills to move quicker from committee to committee) unless the Republicans agreed to not work late into the eavenings. It seems some of the dems in their advancing years no longer wanted to put in the long hours that are sometimes required to finish up the budget. They also wanted to make sure we did not have to work into the weekend. They wanted to make sure they could go home over the weekend. The final thing that is driving me crazy is they all wanted to make sure they got out of work last night by 6:30 so they could make it to Jimmy Naifehs retirement party. Can't miss that. They had no energy to work late but sure had plenty of energy to go party. If we are here into next week it will be because of not one party but two. The Democrat party and their unwillingness to work late and Jimmy Naifehs retirement party.


  1. The horror of actually having to work more than 4 months.

  2. Do you know how much it costs the state taxpayers in per diem and travel expence to keep us down here?

  3. The work all of you do in Nashville is far more important than a lot of people realize!

    Watching this on TV, I'll bet you are just totally exhausted from all the stress and strain of trying to get finished up!

    Surely you know how very much the people of Tennessee appreciate the good work each of you has done this year!

  4. Senator it is a pittance compared to what the ethanol mandate costs state taxpayers and that is completely unnecessary.


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