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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bet you weren't expecting that.

The vets are in town to lobby on behalf of a range of animal issues today. One interesting point came out that I bet will throw a lot of people off. They are for the "Horse slaughter" bill.

They say in many cases it is the most humane thing to do for the animal.


  1. The Vets lobbing is so strong that it has devalued the rights of our people to care for our animals. Medications that we have been able to buy for years at co-ops and by mail have all but disappeared from us. Even simple medications for eye infections now have been lobbied away in favor high vet bills to be paid first. We can treat many problems if we have access to simple medications. Its wrong that this has happened to us. Another example is the rabies vaccine that was taken from us years ago. The Vets can mark up a dollar dose to fifteen dollars. Now the new recommended rabies vaccine,by the teaching guidelines, is every three years. The vaccines state on the packaging that they are good for three years. Yet the Vets do not honor the medical findings. They are greedy and want the money every year despite the risk to the animals health. They want our money. Over vaccination is happening because of greed. This includes many animal vaccines. This is very sad to be forced by law to do something that science warns against. The laws say that we must vaccinated for rabies. We want to protect our animals, yet we have no say against being forced to line the Vets pockets so they can make more profit to pay for more lobbyist against our rights to care for our animals when vets are not needed. Horses cost money to maintain by vets. People that can treat their horses keeping them in good health are denied the medications to do so. Very wrong. Medications that have been used and available for years are now only a memory. Vets want control to be paid for medications and will spend big bucks to lobby for that control. No wonder they say killing those horses is humane. Folks that cannot afford hundred or thousands of dollars for those vets must watch their animals suffer because of a well planned battle against we the people. Shame on them.

  2. The equine vets in Tn support horse slaughter.SHAME ON THEM



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