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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Breaking! Bredesen to run against Corker!

Last night was the Knox county Lincoln Day dinner at Rothschild's. Guest host was US Senator Bob Corker. He gave the usual rah rah speech but the real fire works happened after the dinner. As Corker was leaving the grand ballroom who happened to be coming out of an adjoining ballroom? Former Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen. The former governor was in town to kick of a local prom being held in the same reception facility.

As the two passed, pleasantries were exchanged. Corker thanked the former governor for his service and asked him what he had been up to. The former governor talked briefly about some quasi governmental solar project but then mentioned something about wanting to get back into elected government service to help the president fix government run health care.

Corker looked dismayed and quickly excused himself and walked away.

Could this mean a run for federal office? There is only one election coming up for federal office and the filing deadline is a few days away. That office?

US Senator. The office currently being held by Bob Corker.

Is this the big surprise Democrats have been talking about the last month or so for Republicans?


The few reporters at the event chased after Corker who did not look eager to respond to questions raised by this bomb shell. They caught up to him at the door of his car as he was trying to get away. Corker said he did not want to respond to any questions and pulled the door closed. As the car started to pull away one reporter pulled the car door back open but was knocked down by the car as it pivoted out of the parking space.

With the door open and the reporter on the ground the reporter reached up and pulled on Corkers leg (Just like I am pulling on yours) but he got away.


  1. Looks like "Conservative" Bob Corker may have found a way to get disgruntled conservatives to at least act as if they are "gruntled" with him.

  2. This is just too funny!!!

    You really had me going there for a while!

    I was getting upset big time!

    But it was great fun, having an old fashioned
    April Fools Day joke played on me and many
    others, I'm sure!

    After the solemnity of the Palm Sunday Mass,
    I just wasn't expecting this! You got me!!!

    You bad, Stacey, you so very bad! Ha ha!!!


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