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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Indian bill passes!!!

My bill to recognize the tribes that were recognized by the Indian affairs commission passed out of the senate state and local committee today.

It was awesome!!

The vote came down to a 4-4 tie and the Lt. governor walked in to the back of the room and broke the tie allowing the native Americans to be recognized.

The Lt governor came into my office later and commented how he has only broken a tie twice. Both times were for my bills. The first was the changing the definition of judicial election bill (back to election means election not a retention vote) and now this bill.

I love it!

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  1. Election means election, not appointment.

    You cannot arrive at the proposition that there is a constituional right of unopposed retention election, because the constitutional power of the Legislature to Appoint a person to fill the judicial vacancy beyond the unexpired term, at the next bienniel election, or to delegate such power to make such appointment to the Governor, does not exist.

    The power to appoint has never been tested in the Court.


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