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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Legal weed draws its last puff

The bill to legalize weed has died for the year. Senate Government Operations committee sent it to the closed health committee.

Now pass the Cheetos.


  1. Did you read the legislation? I am actually asking this. (I would like a response)

    The bill was not to "legalize pot" it was to make medical marijuana available to patients in need of it. The bill was to acknowledge that marijuana is beneficial to many people with medical conditions.

    Please make intelligent comments in your blog that accurately portray legislation, you represent us.

  2. THC (The active ingredient in medical marijuana) is already legal in pill form with a prescription. I had a cancer doctor in my office a few days ago on an unrelated issue. I delved into this topic with him. He informed me the pill is just as good if not better then smoking it. He also said smoking was seldom if not never good for cancer patients. He went on to say there are now even better drugs then the pills that have come out recently.

    Those who want this are not sincere in their desire to help people with cancer. It is to help make an illegal substance more easily available to those who want to smoke up.

  3. According to this survey, 77% would support the bill while 17% would oppose it.


    You seem to have found a doctor that backed your opinion on the bill. Please do objective research while deciding the path our state will take.


    The population wants it, the pharmaceutical industry doesn't.


    We ask that you research and understand what you are voting on. Labeling this bill as "legalizing weed" is not truthful. Your non-sequitur could be used to say alcohol being legal has legalized drunk driving.


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