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Friday, April 27, 2012

My drug testing presentation.

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  1. I guess Sen. Marrero forgot all about Silicon Phil's state of the state address when he told us the average Tenncare recipient had 18 monthly prescriptions and that 25% of our state population was enrolled in Tenncare. Or maybe she hasn't heard about pain clinics, etc. either. Not hard at all to believe 8-10% of our population is using drugs.

    Marrero and Barnes really puzzling. Sounds like they care about "the children", yet they would rather just not know their parents are drug users than find out and have to do something about it (under existing law and systems in place with DCS). And thanks for assuming all the relatives are drug users too - kind of like the logic used on legal gun owners.

    I think Herron's point on the rehab funding mechanism was a better question considering the recidivism rates of these programs.


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