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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not such a good plan

As the final days of session wind down, the guns in trunks in parking lots bill looks destined to die. It will not die solely because of the bill itself but more so on the way it was handled. This entire year it has been one threat after another on what would happen if this bill was not passed. It really built some animosity among legislators who may have been on the fence against the supporters of gun rights. No one likes to be threatened. Yesterday we had another caucus meeting on the bill. The difference was, this time it was not on the merits of the bill. It was about this letter and some of the threats being made around this bill. It was very difficult to talk about the bill itself because so many people wanted to kill it because of the way it was being pushed. There was some real animosity built up. In the end, the senate decided to wait and see what the house did. They killed it late last night in the calendar committee. It seems many of them did not like the threats either.


  1. "It's Gone Boys" with an (R) behind it.

    Seems to me Lt. Gov. Ramsey declared it "dead" several days before that email - before any discussion on the merit of the bill.

    But, hey, all is not lost...we achieved secret corporate welfare handouts, secret budget meetings, admission of our current unconstitutional practice of selecting judges (otherwise we wouldn't need legislation introduced to legalize it), keeping Silicon Phil's solar investments property-tax-free and maintaining the public school monopoly "financial impact evaluation" of any proposed public charters.
    That the Republicans act just like Boss Hogg did - feigning belief in the 2nd Amendment sworn to uphold but preventing any votes to demonstrate it and correct our unconstitutional state infringements on this right - is just another "surprise" to go along with those imaginary delegates (nobody voted for since they weren't on the ballot) that the GOP awarded to Santa, who promptly quit on you.

    Boss Hogg was exposed for the tyrant he is as the cameras were installed. They are still rolling.

  2. Most citizens support the Constitutional Right To Control Their OWN Private Property. Business owners should have the same right as you do, the right to control their PRIVATE property.
    This is a BAD bill and it needs to die.
    I support carry on Public/Government property, but we should let the OWNER of Private Property decide.

  3. MickeyWhite, my car IS my private property.

  4. C. Richard ArchieApril 25, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    Lets let the private citizen keep all of their private property under their personal control, which includes their tax dollars.

    Government is simply a compendium of restrictions and takings of private property rights, what animals you may have on what land you own, how much noise you can make, what business one may operate. To make some kind of assertion that this session of the legislature is championing "Private Property Rights" is absurd. Let them repeal ADA requirements on business owners and zoning laws, and I might begin to believe it.


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