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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Quote of the day

"You ever hear the song "All the girls get prettier at closing time"?

Well after hearing about the competition to replace Mike Faulk, Frank Nicley looks gorgeous!"

Lt Governor Ron Ramsey


  1. Prettier? You're the type of jerk who blows the night by taking home the first ugly chick that smiles.

  2. Senator Campfield's post is about Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey's comments about Representative Frank Niceley's running for office as a Tennessee State Senator.

    His comments have nothing to do with girls. However, if they were, please know that Senator Campfield could date any girl he wanted to, but he wouldn't be taking her home with him until he married her, as he is a person of great moral character and a devout Christian!

    Senator Campfield, I thought your rules were that you would not allow comments like these on your blog. It hurts those of us who support you and believe in you to read the comments of people who are being abusive to you!

  3. Frank is awesome...maybe the Lieutenant Governor will lend Frank a hand.

    1. Mr. Oatney, it's so nice to read your comments on Senator Campfield's blog!

      I hope everything is going well, during your time of deaconate formation. I've heard story after story about how much hard work this 4-5 year program is, and about the high level of scholarly understanding which is required. I've heard it's also stressful for the wives of the men preparing to be deacons. I've heard that some men just are not strong enough and have to drop out. So, I am praying for you, your wife, and family, that Our Lord will strengthen you and sustain you in all of your good work!

      We have a deacon here in Knoxville who is such a good teacher, on all kinds of books about the faith, that I am incredibly blessed by his work! He is scholarly in what he knows, and yet he is so humble and down to earth, in the way he teaches about Our Lord, that he makes it so much easier for everyday folks like me to understand the Truth.

      Never underestimate the power to do good that you will have, once you have become a Deacon!

      Stacey would make a fabulous Deacon, wouldn't he?

      Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter!

  4. Maybe Stacey could one day work his way up to be the worldwide mammon overlord the papacy is pushing for.

    But that wouldn't be very American....or Catholic.


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