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Friday, April 13, 2012

Shutting down charter schools

Legislation to say local schools can limit charter schools number of legal foreign born employees to 3.5% is a cleaver way to shut charter schools down.

First there is a real question as to if we are not breaking title VI anti discrimination laws (Shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nation of origin, etc.). To limit legal employment because an applicant who is legally employable, but foreign born and legally in the country on a legal work visa, seems a clear violation to me.

The 3.5% allowable limit is a ruse in that most charter schools don't employ enough people for 3.5% to equal even one person. Most charter schools are small. Employing 20 to 22 people or less. So you are effectively shutting all foreign born legal employees out of application.

This could quickly cost the charters schools title VI money if the charters are required to give several years of federal education dollars back to the government because they are found to have been discriminating while this measure was in effect.

We are also hurting students. Tennessee is at a huge loss for graduating teachers that specialize in math and physics. Last I heard the number was in the low single digits a year. Many (If not most) foreign born teachers working on a visa are math and science/physics teachers.

By allowing the local schools to put this limit on the charter schools it is a crushing blow to the charter schools. First, you may note that it is a limit that the local schools don't have to put on themselves first.

Next, the locals will hire up the few local qualified math and science teachers leaving little to no qualified teachers for charter schools to compete for. They may even snap up the foreign born visaed math and physics teachers.

Next, the local schools will limit the charter schools ability at being able to employ those same foreign born legal teachers who may specialize in math and science. Who is left for the charters to employ to teach math and science?

Next, they will argue the results of charter schools is not what was expected in Math and science.

Do ya need to wonder why?


  1. Well nothing in the bill says that they can't hire illegal immigrants right? Seems like the charters will not have a problem finding plenty of workers :p

    What is the rational for this bill anyway?

  2. http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/exclusive-5-on-your-side-investigation-uncovers-federal-probe-into-ohio-charter-schools


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