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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can you win for losing?

Yes, we all know its going to be bad for Democrats in the next election. Obama at the top of the ticket, No credible candidate running for the US senate, Not much hope in any of the the US house races, Redistricting that is fair, big disparities in the campaign coffers between the two parties, overwhelming support for the Republican agenda with solid popular results, Better Republican candidates and nothing for Dems to run on.

But give Democrat party chair Chip forester credit. He is thinking of how to claim wins for losing. In announcing the Democrats non plan, plan he is claiming...

"the party's present strength in the Legislature could be reduced to as few as 24 seats in the House (versus 34 now) and eight in the Senate (versus 14 now). That's "the line" of solidly Democratic seats after retirements, redistricting and such."

While I would love to see it, even I think that is a little grandiose. In the senate, Most Republicans expect to pick up 4 seats this election cycle. 5 would be nice. 6? Well, lets say I wouldn't bet the farm. In the house, 6 new Republican seats would be acceptable. 8 would be nice. 10? Well, it would take a total collapse by the Democrats in Tennessee.

Not to say it cant happen but I think it will take 2 to 4 more years to get there. I think after this election the Republican numbers will be so big (Even with moderate gains) that the fundraising ability will continue to grow for Republicans. The older Democrats will realize they are relegated to total insignificance and a change back to the "bad old days" is not in the cards. A few more Dems will decide to retire. Republicans will really zero in on the few Democrats left in winnable districts and we will wipe them out. Then we will hit those kinds of numbers. Possibly even a few more.

I guess Chip is trying to think about election night as Republican wins roll in and several democrats roll out. I guess he will try to claim a "victory" for not getting as crushed as he predicted but I wouldn't call it much of a victory. More like a stay of execution.

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  1. "No credible candidate running for the US senate, Not much hope in any of the the US house races..."

    With Bailout Bob Corker and Lamar! in office, why would the Dems actually NEED to run anyone? Just let the Republicans keep juggling that live grenade! These clowns voted for every bailout, TARP, Cash for Clunkers, Bailout Bob's mastermind GM bailout (a $23 BILLION LOSS and counting, plus GM moving more work to China), appointing tax cheat Tim Geithner, re-appointment of Helicopter Ben Bernanke, telling us they (Congress) shouldn't "interfere with monetary policy" so the Fed is doing just fine and shouldn't be audited, voted to give one man power to put you into a foreign prison without trial....and then start campaigning on the reckless spending of Congress????

    If 193 Republicans vote to have Obama sign into law the NDAA then where is the savior of our country going to come from?

    That the Republican party lacks the fortitude to boot these guys and replace them from within their ranks with someone who supposedly actually believes the "platform", says a lot. Instead effort is placed in trying to convince me Mitt Romney (who isn't the nominee yet) is pro-life and anti-gay-marriage.

    Folks, if your hope is in a political party, it is misplaced.


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