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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Club them like a baby harp seal

It's not social issues that win elections. Its not social issues that win elections. Its not social issues that win elections.

OK we have heard the mantra of the moderates enough. Now lets look at what is going on in the real world.

President Barack Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has put a new wrinkle in the Democrats' battle to retain control of the Senate, with many of the party's candidates in conservative states keeping their distance from the president on the hot-button issue.

Sen. Jon Tester in Montana, Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri and former Gov. Tim Kaine in Virginia have declined to support same-sex marriage, even as Mr. Obama's backing has galvanized the party's liberal wing and activist ranks.

Even senators facing less-competitive races—Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida—have sought distance

Huh. Well what about that? It's not the economy that "moderate" Democrats in swing states are running away from Obama on. Its the social issues. What is it that these professional politicians know that Republicans seem to be oblivious to? Usually when your opponent is on the run you chase them down or double the buy. If you have a club that is working, you keep beating them with it until it breaks then you pick up another and beat them some more. Not moderate Republicans. They just continue to let them off the hook thinking that only one issue will have any effect. The economy.

Elections are not always single issue affairs. We can talk about other things and still win. In fact we might win more. To liberals credit, their 3% have done a good job of screaming so much on social issues that most Republicans wont go there even when they are on the right and winning side.

In swing states though Republicans are missing a golden opportunity. In 5 months the economy will still be there but now its time to swing away with the club at hand.

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  1. Beg to differ. Tim Kaine has not declined. Just a day before the president's announcement he was trying to fabricate one of his trial lawyer's legalistic answers while denouncing all those troublesome labels.

    Tim Kaine evolved long ago, he’s just unofficially evolved. As governor, he actively opposed Virginia's marriage amendment and pushed the gay agenda envelope as far as he could. How could he fund raise as DNC Chairman without impeccable credentials?

    Want more try this: http://defeattimkaine.com/page/marriage


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