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Friday, May 04, 2012

He should have gone to the club

UT swim coach John Trembley was fired for what was found to be using drugs and using his computer for on line sex and for "Filthy fantasies". While the drug use is inexcusable for a coach I wonder about the "Filthy fantasies" issue. Who decides what filthy is? I wonder if UT asked the UT gay and lesbian club (that the university staffs, funds, gives its own separate private office and gives awards to) what "filthy" is? I am sure they talk about things that a lot of people consider "filthy" and I doubt it ends at talk. Anyone getting fired for that?


  1. This is true. I wonder how the many hundreds of thousands of hard-working taxpayers of Tennessee would feel if they knew their tax dollars were going to support this! Is there not anything that can be done to stop this?

    I mean, State legislators were able to get rid of that UT president who was wasting money on barbecue grills, etc. Do State legislators not have the power to do something about this, or are they not even willing to try?

    This group invites faculty members and some top UT administrators to attend their regularly held meetings. Since so many of those in leadership at UT are liberals, those who wish to do the politically correct thing, rather than the scriptually correct thing, a good many of them attend these meetings. These are people who are being paid $1-200,000 a year, who take time away from the work the State is paying them to do, to attend these meetings. This is so wrong.

    These same people, who are active in this LGBT group, spend a good deal of time, when they are supposed to be working, involved in their club activities instead. Their having the blessing of the university makes them think it is okay to spend lots of time bonding and building each other up during work time!

    I remember the good old days, when gay people did not talk about their sexuality, and people respected them and treated them with respect. Now that they have decided to be so open about themselves, they are so obnoxious and do not earn or receive the respect they once had.

    The Bible says that the Lord himself instituted the sacrament of marriage, between one man and one woman!

    Just because this is popular on TV does not mean that society in general is so accepting of it. It's in the Bible, again and again, that, not being gay in itself, but the homosexual lifestyle is gravely sinful, and yet UT is supporting them big time. Just makes me sick.

  2. If you want to see this for yourself, you can go to the UT website at utk.edu and click on "Diversity" in the upper right hand corner, and you will see that the Chancellor's Awards, once considered highly prestigious at UT, were given to two individuals who were considered to have done a good job of teaching people to accept the LBGT lifestyle! UT's Chancellor is actually giving out awards for this! This is wrong!

    And on that same page, on the lower right hand side of the page, you will see that UT is encouraging faculty and staff to attend training called "Safe Zone," which, it says, will teach them "to become LGBT allies."

    On down on the left side of the page is something called LGBT people which provides all kinds of information we would rather not know.

    To the right of that is something called
    OUTreach LGBT & Ally Resource Center...which tells you about the office UT is giving them. This is wrong. This is inappropriate for one of our State universities to be promoting this, to be spending our taxpayer dollars for this!

    Is there nothing that can be done to stop it?

  3. "You can always tell an American....but you can't tell 'em much" as we say in the UK. With bigoted "comments" like the above, is it any wonder your country is so reviled by many?

    1. Christ Himself was reviled by many. Yet, out of His great love for people like you and me, he taught us the truth in His word, the Bible.

      Do you not have Bibles in the UK?

      Although I am not gay, I know and love many gay people. It is not a sin to be gay, but, the Bible tells us that living the homosexual lifestyle is gravely sinful.

      Won't you please try and trust in the loving plan provided for us by Our Lord Jesus Christ? He loves you so much, and so do I.

      Won't you please, just in the privacy of your home there, say a quiet little prayer, asking Our Lord to show you the truth and to show you the way?


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