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Thursday, May 03, 2012

The highlight reel

Here is my highlight reel/ top 10 for the year in no particular order.

1. This one is a gimme. Passing drug testing for people on government benefits was one of the top things I have wanted to do since joining the legislature. We finally did it.

2. Redistricted in a fair and legal way.

3. Spending and taxes. Cut about $50 million in tax cuts including cuts to the sales tax on food, killed the gift tax and increased the deduction on the inheritance tax. $50 million more in the rainy day fund.

4. The TEAM act changed the way govt employees are hired and fired to a more competency based system instead of a seniority based one.

5. Unemployment reform making sure unemployed people are actually looking for jobs and are willing to take jobs when offered. We also made cuts for unemployed because of seasonal work or because someone was fired for cause. This one was a huge change for employers and slipped under the radar.

6. Life issues. We passed the Lacy Peterson act that will take the life of the murdered unborn back to conception in some cases, we also said abortion doctors have to have ties to a local hospital in case of complications.

7. Passed the SAVE act stopping non citizens from receiving non emergency state services.

8. Education. Pushed higher ed to standardize transferability of credits between state colleges, private colleges and in some cases high school AP courses. We also made it so people with life experience in a particular field, or history as a college professor in good standing, could become a high school teacher.

9. Courts. Reformed the board of judicial conduct.

10. Drugs. Put in place a tracking method for people who doctor shop across state lines or use multiple doctors to get multiple prescriptions for illegal drugs from one injury.


  1. Incredible that this much good could be accomplished in only four months time!

  2. I'd feel better about the Welfare/SSDI drug testing if there also was a rational Medical Marijuana law.

  3. DRUGS should be No. 1 and not No. 10. They are tearing our society apart. If we can't get this issue under control, nothing else will matter before long.

  4. That is why I said in no particular order.

  5. Great work, all of you ... House, Senate, and Governor! I couldn't be more pleased. Many of these reforms were long overdue. How refreshing to see lawmakers go to Nashville and keep their promises!

    What about the new sex education law? Shouldn't that be in the top 10?


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