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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its not the "Aye"s it the Bees.

There seems to bee a real buzz around one hobby for politicos. Shooting? fitness? Motor cycles? Yes, they have their supporters but there is one that I never really saw until I started looking into it myself. Bee hives. No, I do not mean the hair doo. Bee hives and bee keeping. You know the little things that buzz around and produce honey.

Recently I have been looking into getting a hive started of my own. For what reason I am not really sure seeing as I don't eat a lot of honey. Possibly it has something to do with all the fruit trees I planted in my yard a few years ago. I hear bees really help them produce. I don't know. I just think they are interesting and having a hive or two might be fun.

Anyway, after asking around I quickly found out I am not alone in my interest in bees. Other politicos seem to be big on bee keeping as well. First I was told I should call Knox County commissioner Richard Briggs. Then I found Rep. Bill Dunn and his family have been doing it for years. Then I learned Rep. Jeremy Fazon was into keeping bees also. Then I heard tell Rep. Josh Evans has a few hives. Sunday I was watching Hallerin Hilton Hills show "Anything is possible" and learned Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero also has a few hives. Tonight I was on facebook and saw a pic of Rep Tony Shipley smoking some bees. Bee keeping is huge among politicos. Who'da thunk it.

Beelieve it or not, I also found out there is a state regulator for beekeeping. Darn government is in everything!

I keep hearing about all these caucuses (women's, rural, Latino, black, Republican, Democrat, Wrestling) I think I may have to start the Bee caucus. Our office could be called the hive and all of our ideas would be sweet.

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  1. Just have to ask: what in the world does the state regulate with regards to beekeeping???


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