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Monday, May 07, 2012

Its optional.

The governor has decided to veto the religious freedom bill that allows equal protection for religious groups as is allowed to fraternities and sororities at an university that receives in excess of 20 million in state dollars. It covered state schools and Vandy (as they get over 20 million dollars from the state) but it was an optional law. No one had to follow it unless they wanted the money.

The governor still vetoed it.

His reason? He did not want the legislature involved in "private business". In my eyes it was optional.

On the other hand, the governor will not veto the bill limiting charter schools from hiring (in most cases) any legal immigrants. Something to me that flies in the face of nondiscrimination on the basis of nation of origin (title VI). A part of the bill of rights.

The governor agrees it has major constitutional issues but his reason for no veto so far? Its optional.

To me if you are going to veto something it should be the one that has serious constitutional questions not the one that allows religious freedom. But that's just my advice. Taking it is optional.


  1. Seems like Governor Haslam is wrong about this.

    Somehow, it seems like a Christian group having a problem with some agitator coming in, could deal with this themselves, through social pressure, social rejection, confrontation, or possibly "tarring and feathering."

    We have the gospel alive and living in us today, because of countless Christians, over the centuries, who lived and died, defending the gospel, so that we might have it with us today, 2000 years later!

  2. As long as the University receives State funding, the State will have the authority to implement rules. If a university does not wish to abide by these rules, they can simply forgo the funding.

    Senator: what are the chances of an override of the veto this session?

  3. About 0%. I doubt the governor will make that call.

  4. I've always thought Haslam was an empty suit. After signing Knoxville into the ICLEI Agenda 21 business, it only makes sense that he would be in lockstep with globalist liberal mindset. I notice that he had no problem with Gibson Guitars being raided, letting his federal masters run roughshod all over a legitimate law-abiding business.
    But he comes out for this?


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