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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

O in the know

David Oatney did a pretty good job on the "ghost voting" issue here and makes a spirited argument as to why its really not as bad as some people would think in limited situations.

While on the other hand there are some people that abuse the system by showing up for only a vote or two then taking off the rest of the day or not showing up at all and still collecting per diem when their seatmate makes all the judgements and votes for them.

With all the traction this story has gotten I am surprised the story on school board members getting to vote over the Internet didn't get more notice.

1 comment:

  1. Issue prox card readers to the legislators. If they are in the room, then their board can be activated. If Walmart can track a DVD, the State of TN can surely tell if a legislator is present.

    As for off-site voting, with proper security credentials and safeguards (example RSI security token) why not?

    The real point as you point out is that no one else makes the judgements and votes other than the one actually responsible.


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