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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Other states look to classroom protection act

The classroom protection act is starting to gain the momentum I had hoped it would for a long time. This last session it moved out of committees in both houses passing in the senate. Now it looks like other states are starting to see this as a reasonable thing and follow suit. Missouri has just started the process of bill passage. Of course Steven Colbert takes some shots at it but hey, its starting to go national. It's all good.


  1. Steven Colbert is so disprespectful that I can hardly stand to listen to him. But think of all the free advertising he is giving you legislators who are working so hard to do the right thing and to protect innocent children!

    So happy to hear that other states are following your great example!

    You have become quite famous - please don't stop being humble, as we've known you to be for a long time. I think it is the Lord who is working through you, Senator Campfield.

    May Our Lord bless you for the good that you do!

    We are so very proud of you!

  2. I see on CNN.com that Dr. Billy Graham is taking a stand for Christian marriage between one man and one woman.

    His is a very powerful voice! I wish other influential Christians would realize that we need to hear from them too... I mean it tells us, over and over, in the Bible, so why would anyone hesitate?

  3. How can you work to "protect" teachers by allowing evolution to be questioned while simultaneously working to restrict teachers by allowing homosexuality to even be mentioned? Republicans say they want smaller government but more often than not end up imposing MORE government control on us the the Democrats!


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