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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shouldn't that read 3 killed?

The paper hates to show support for the unborn. Here is another example. In this tragic case a good Samaritan and mother were killed by a hit and run driver.

Not so fast.

It wasnt just those two killed. The mother was pregnant. As you may recall we passed the Laci Peterson act last year. That says a person killing a pregnant (At any stage) mother is actually guilty of killing 2 people. The mother and the unborn baby. So in this case the mother, the Samaritan and the unborn baby were all killed. 3 people. Not just the 2 mentioned in the headline.


  1. You're right, Senator Campfield, three people were killed, the mother, the good samaritan, and the unborn child.

    But some local newscaster was saying on TV today that they would do an autopsy on the mother to determine if the baby was mature enough to live outside the womb and that that would determine whether two or three people died.

    I thought the Lacy Peterson act covered an unborn child at any stage of development after conception. This is confusing...

  2. Yep. Otherwise left alone (i.e. not ran over by a negligent driver), those typically become children (which *still* require support of parents to survive.

  3. It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception. Whether a baby is mature enough to live outside the womb or not, it is a real and genetically complete human being, at any point after conception. To kill it is murder. Even though abortion is legal in the United States, it is still murder.

    What is so confusing is how a pre-born baby, killed in an automobile accident, is considered murdered, but a pre-born baby, killed by an abortioninst, is not considered to be murdered. The truth is that an abortionist is actually murdering a pre-born child! How can this be legal?

    The Laci Peterson act says that someone killing a pregnant woman, at any stage of her pregnancy, is guilty of killing two people.

    1. "Whether a baby is mature enough to live outside the womb or not, it is a real and genetically complete human being, at any point after conception."

      Exactly! It does NOT matter at what stage of development a person is. To kill a human being is to kill a human being. Period.


  4. Senator Campfield, I read in today's Sentinel, in the case of the recent automobile accident on Washington Pike, the following:

    "According to state law, a homicide charge can be lodged for the death of the fetus if the baby was developed enough to be viable outside the womb."

    Can you please tell us why they are saying this and not applying the Laci Peterson Act, in this case, rather than examining the preborn baby to see if it could have lived outside the womb?

    1. There are two options.

      First, the paper does not know what it is talking about regarding the new law (not a stretch for my imagination)


      Second, The law has not been signed into law yet so they are going by the old standard.

      Either way the AG has said they will press charges for the baby. It was announced today.

      P.S. M.C. Hammer is still cool.

  5. Can you give us an answer to this question?

    This is far more important than M. C. Hammer coming to town...


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