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Monday, May 07, 2012

Teaching foreplay is not education

Planned Parenthood has started an e mail blitz trying to stop the new sex education law for schools from going into effect. Why? Well they were one of the providers of that "education" and as you might imagine it was way beyond the type of education you would want for your child. The new bill still talks about the causes of pregnancy and disease but what is being cut out is all the other talk and detail groups like "Planned Parenthood" and "Nashville cares" went into. It was more or less foreplay coaching.

It was ridiculous to think we should give classes on "Foreplay" and somehow think kids would just magically stop after that. The Planned parenthood mass E mail was laughable in that it closed with how we need to give children the "skills they need to act out good decisions." As if kids having sex is a good decision to act out.

It is funny how sex ed was the only area of health where we did not advocate abstinence as the goal. It was always along the lines of "Well they are going to do it so lets show them the best ways how".

By that logic we should show kids the proper way to roll cigarettes or shoot heroine or mix Bacardi with coke. We could hand out fresh needles, drink mixers and Camels with the filter because those are all better for you then the other alternatives. I mean some kids are going to smoke, drink and do drugs any way so we would be helping the ones that do it to know the best ways how. We could have a class, call it drug use 101. What do you think?


  1. Planned Parenthood is so evil! They make their big money on abortions, so they try to encourage young people into sexual activity, so they will have more abortion customers.

    Children need to learn about sexuality from their parents. Parents need to be humble enough and strong enough to teach each child about abstinence and about how sexuality is a very precious gift which God has given, to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage between one man and one woman.

    We must not be alarmed. Christ, through His death and resurection, has overcome the power of satan and all of his wicked followers - this includes Planned Parenthood. At the end of each of their lives, they will have to go and be judged by a righteous God, and they will be sorry for all of this sinful behavior of theirs. They will be judged for leading young people astray. I fear for them.

    We are to trust in the Lord and to go to great efforts to protect the minds and hearts of our children. It is difficult enough for them to live chaste lives, considering all the hormones flooding their systems, and all they see on TV -they don't need to be taught the specifics of sexuality in school.

  2. The reason Planned Parenthood is so upset is because of the passage of the "Gateway" bill, which clarifies the meaning of family life education and abstinence.

    It creates a cause of action for a parent to sue the outside contractor and their instructor if they violate the revised law. If Planned Parenthood is the outside offending contractor, both they and the instructor can be sued.

    Parents, wise up, if your children come home from school, telling you they have been taught inappropriate information, you may sue and get these speakers out of the school! Maybe if a few parents have the wisdom and the courage to do this, these groups, who have been teaching filth to our children, will be gone!!!

  3. Organized Being a parent has started an e email overwhelm trying to stop the new sex knowledge law for educational institutions from going into effect.

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