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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Vandy bill passes

The freedom of religion bill has passed the house. So much for "empty right wing pandering that isn't going anywhere". Vandy will still have a right to have the discrimination rule if they want. They just have to follow it in all regards or they can give up state money. Its up to them. Democrats think it will be vetoed. I doubt it. If any bill gets vetoed my money is on the limiting of charter schools as to who their employees can be. I say that will get vetoed after we sine die. That way we can't over ride the veto.

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  1. I'm not believing the governor has vetoed this bill! What recourse do citizens have now? Can they sue Vanderbilt to make this right?

    How can they require student nurses to promise to assist with abortions? What about religious freedom and freedom of conscience regarding issues like this? Are all of our religious freedoms to be taken away?

    Do you think some of the governor's wealthy friends are in the top hierarchy over at Vandy and he's just trying to keep them happy?

    This just makes me sick. W.T.F. is happening in our country when things like this are going on?


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